Vauxhall ADAMs by Bryan Adams and Valentino Rossi

These uniquely designed Vauxhall ADAM cars will be auctioned off in aid of charity.

The Vauxhall "ADAM by Bryan Adams" will be limited to just a ten unit production run. Little else in information has been released about this car, but just from observation it is clear it's unlike any other ADAM seen before.

It sports a distinct dark camouflage around the bodyshell, with a black painted roof on top and tinted headlights. The alloy wheels are painted black to give this ADAM a very dark and moody tone.Proceeds from each "ADAM by Bryan Adams" sold will go to the Bryan Adams Foundation.

Meanwhile, the other special edition ADAM revealed this week is designed by motorbike racer Valentino Rossi, a six-time world champion in the MotoGP category.

This unique ADAM designed by Rossi sports the Opel badge, which is the brand name used for Vauxhall cars sold outside the UK.

The ADAM designed by Valentino Rossi sports bright and exclusive styling and decals which are reminiscent of those featured on the Italian racer's helmet.

Rossi, who is an ambassador for the Opel brand, has added his own personal number '46' to the side of his one-off ADAM. This is the same number Rossi has raced with through his motorbike racing career.

Inside this unique ADAM the car sports Dainese leather, to mimic a motorcycle suit.

The ADAM designed by Valentino Rossi has just one example in existence and it is being auctioned online via eBay. Money raised from the car's sale will go towards the Meyer Children's Hospital Foundation - Meyer ONLUS in Florence.

UK motorists can still choose to buy a standard Vauxhall ADAM, which offers over a million different customisation options.

Currently priced from £11,255, the ADAM offers three trim levels - the entry level 'Jam' models, enhanced 'Glam' versions and the top of the range 'Slam' variants.

Three petrol engines are available in the Adam range, including a 69bhp, 1.2-litre engine, an 86bhp, 1.4-litre unit and a more powerful 99bhp, 1.4-litre model. All models are mated to a manual transmission.

Fuel economy also varies throughout the Adam range. The least fuel efficient models offer 51mpg while the most economical variants can provide a more frugal 57mpg. Boosting the ADAM's profile is a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.