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Introducing the All New MG3 HEV: A combination of efficiency and cutting-edge technology

Perrys is proud to announce the arrival of a true market disruptor: the All New MG3 Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). Starting at just £18,495 for the SE model and £20,495 for the top-tier Trophy trim, the MG3 HEV not only sets a new standard for hybrid technology but does so at a price point that's £2,000 less than the entry model of the market-leading Toyota Yaris Hybrid. This remarkable achievement underscores our commitment to making sustainable driving accessible without compromising on quality or performance.

Exceptional Value Without the Compromise

The All New MG3 HEV is designed for those who seek the perfect blend of efficiency, technology and affordability. With a starting price that undercuts the most popular hybrid in the market, the MG3 HEV demonstrates that you don't have to pay a premium for advanced hybrid technology and environmental responsibility. This competitive pricing makes the MG3 HEV a smart choice for budget-conscious drivers who want to enjoy the benefits of a hybrid vehicle without the high price tag.

Cutting-Edge Hybrid Technology

The MG3 HEV is powered by an innovative hybrid system that delivers outstanding performance and efficiency. By combining a petrol engine with an electric motor, the MG3 HEV offers seamless acceleration, reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions compared to conventional vehicles. This advanced hybrid system is designed to automatically switch between electric and petrol power or use a combination of both, ensuring optimal performance in any driving situation. Additionally, the MG3 HEV's regenerative braking system captures energy that would otherwise be lost during braking, using it to recharge the battery and further improve efficiency.

Leading the Way in Affordable Hybrid Driving

By offering a vehicle that is not only more affordable but also packed with cutting-edge hybrid technology, MG is setting a new benchmark for what consumers can expect from an eco-friendly vehicle. The MG3 HEV is not just a response to the demand for more sustainable driving options; it's a step ahead, offering an unparalleled combination of price, performance, and environmental responsibility.

Your Invitation to Experience the Future

We invite you to visit Perrys to experience the All New MG3 HEV for yourself. Discover how this groundbreaking vehicle is making hybrid technology more accessible and affordable and learn why it's one of the best choices for drivers looking to make a positive impact on the environment without sacrificing performance or breaking the bank. Place your order today and join the revolution in sustainable driving with the MG3 HEV.

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Written by Dan | 2 min read
20 Mar 2024