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National Career Week - Females at Perrys

At Perrys we are passionate about increasing our gender diversity, so let's read about the experience of some of our Female Managers and Technicians at Perrys.

Suzy Bell - General Sales Manager - Huddersfield Peugeot

Suzy Bell - General Sales Manager - Huddersfield Peugeot

I started working for Perrys in 2020 at our Mazda Dealership in Huddersfield as General Sales Manager. Since then, I have moved to various franchises, including Kia and MG, and I am now at Peugeot Huddersfield. As General Sales Manager, I oversee the New, Used and Commercial Sales Department, and this involves daily tasks such as leading my team of Managers and Sales Executives, Achieving Group and Manufacturer targets for Sales and Customer Service, Stock Management and ensuring everything within the department is running smoothly and efficiently.

I originally heard about Perrys through a friend who advised me what a fantastic company it was to work for, as their father already worked there. They told me how Perrys sees everyone as individuals, not just numbers and how they really cared about the people who worked for them. I was ready for a new challenge, so I took the leap and joined back in January 2020.

I have done various roles within the Automotive Sector, including starting out as a receptionist around 20 years ago, Sales Executive, Business Manager and now my current role as General Sales Manager. The role I currently do has so many areas I enjoy, such as:

  • Working together alongside great colleagues to achieve our goals and supporting each other through our tasks.
  • Watching others succeed and progress within their own roles and knowing I am a part of that journey is so enjoyable.
  • Working within a Sales environment is always exciting, especially when you’re taking customers through their buying journeys and building relationships with these customers, so they recommend you to others.

I have learned so much during my time with Perrys, and I am sure this company is the one I want to build my career with.

For those interested in a career in the retail automotive sector, I would say that if it’s something you are interested in, then take the leap. No hurdle is too big; with determination and effort, you can enjoy any career within the Automotive sector. And there are so many jobs available which appeal to such a diverse audience; whether it would be working in Sales, Aftersales, Administration, Valeting or Marketing, there’s something for everyone.

Kate Myers - Aftersales Development Manager

Kate Myers - Aftersales Development Manager

I joined Perrys in 2001 with no prior knowledge of the industry; my background was in retail food management, with my main focus and interest in training and development. My initial role was to design, develop and deliver training to Aftersales Customer-Facing employees. This was something that was not previously done, with only training for sales employees being a focus. Over the years, as my knowledge has grown, I have been able to provide hands-on support in many areas of the business whilst keeping individuals development in focus.

I now lead a team of 3 people supporting Aftersales in all aspects of the business. We focus on identifying areas requiring improvement, implementing change, and supporting individuals and whole departments to achieve financial targets.

I chose Perrys as it stood out to me as a company with vision, aspiration and a real commitment to people’s development. The company was filled with people with drive and ambition, people who worked hard to achieve the goals, and being a part of it was and is exciting!

Perrys has enabled me to travel the country and work with a variety of amazing people over the years. I feel empowered and inclusive in my role; I have been able to grow and take on more responsibility. I have enjoyed learning and developing not only myself but also others. I have been part of a great team that has developed systems and processes; we have supported taking on new businesses (and, unfortunately, closing some). I feel accomplished in contributing to Perrys' successes over the years.

To those thinking about a career in the retail automotive sector, I would say that the automotive industry is evolving; it’s an exciting place to be right now; with technology advancing so quickly, there is never a dull day. There is a wide variety of roles covering all types of interests and attributes, including both Technical and Non-Technical Apprenticeships; working closely with manufacturers and colleges, you would gain knowledge, experience and, at the same time a, qualification in either administration, sales, aftersales or mechanical. This versatile industry offers many rewards and the opportunity to grow both yourself and your career, if you have passion and are willing to work hard.

Ilki Gumuskaynak - Retail Manager - Preston

Ilki Gumuskaynak - Retail Manager - Preston


I started working at Perrys seven years ago at the age of 19. I initially worked as a customer advisor at the contact centre, the BDC in Burnley. Due to nature of the job, we were in constant contact with the dealership, and I built a good working relationship with the management team at Preston. I was looking for a new challenge, and one day, the telephone rang. They asked me whether I would be interested in a sales job that had just come up at the dealership. I didn’t have any experience in sales and thought I wouldn’t have been cut for a sales job. However, this role was completely different from what I expected a sales role to be; it was challenging and exciting.

After this role, I took a two-year break from Perrys, only to return as a Preston Vauxhall and MG Retail Manager. As a Retail Manager, I monitor sales, make sure our dealerships stay compliant, make sure we stack deals and carry out sales forecasting.

I returned to Perrys after a break as I realised that the grass isn’t always greener, and the role seemed perfect for me.

What I like most about my role is the independence that comes with it. I am in charge of what cars we’re buying into the dealership, and I enjoy the running of the dealership, dealing with our staff, and being able to come up with ideas and implement them. Also, I must say that I enjoy the problem-solving element of my role as well.

To those thinking about a career in the retail automotive sector I would say: Have the confidence to do it! The motor trade has a bad reputation and it’s not going to change until the new people come in. I would argue that it’s not a Perrys issue, it’s an industry issue. We need more new people coming through, the next generations, as younger people don’t necessarily want the hard sell. If you’re motivated and hard-working, I would say to go for it!

Niamh O’Mahony-Childs – Vehicle Technician – Perrys Peugeot & Citroen Milton Keynes

Niamh O’Mahony-Childs – Vehicle Technician – Perrys Peugeot & Citroen Milton Keynes

I started working for Perrys in December 2020 when the world was still struggling through the COVID pandemic and job security was a concern for everyone; I remember feeling worried about the change at the time, but Perrys made sure everything went smoothly and made me feel at home straight away.

I work with a brilliant team of technicians in the vehicle workshop, carrying out servicing, repairs, and minor diagnostics for new and used cars. I love the vast range of work we do, from programming a new electric car to replacing a Diesel engine in a van. I find the work really satisfying and interesting.

I made the move to Perrys for a few reasons. Initially, I just wanted to work closer to my home so I could spend less time commuting. I did some research into garages that were hiring in Milton Keynes, and Perrys immediately stood out to me since a close member of my family bought their first car at Perrys in the 90s and spoke very highly about their experience. I arrived at the interview with an open mind and straight away loved the vibe. This may have been helped by the fact that my interview happened on Halloween and the interviewer was dressed as Dracula, but other than that, I could just feel that Perrys was the place to be.

I enjoy working here so much that I invited my mother to come and join the team. She now works as a remote service advisor and enjoys being here just as much as I do. Although we don't necessarily share an enjoyment of rebuilding engines, we can still both exceed expectations in our positions in the service team.

Working in a garage has its challenges, so having a passion for mechanics and a love of cars definitely helps. I really enjoy what I do, and despite having seven years of workshop experience, I learn something new every day, and that wouldn't be possible without the help and support of my team. All the technicians here have years of experience that they are willing to share with anyone enthusiastic enough to learn and ask questions. In the four years that I have worked here, I have watched my confidence and skill level grow further, and I can only look forward to what the future brings.

Although my job is to fix vehicles, I've found that simply showing a customer how something works or just giving them the peace of mind that everything is OK has a significant impact on their lives. That is because whether it is running a business or getting the family from A to B, our customers rely on us heavily to keep them informed and supported and their vehicle on the road. This means everyone in our business has an important role in helping our customers and ensuring they have the best experience possible.

I would advise any caring, enthusiastic, hardworking individual to have a look and see what Perrys and the automotive sector can offer them, as there is something for everybody, and it’s really a great place to work.

Written by Perrys | 5 min read
06 Mar 2024