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My MG Experience - (2nd January 2024)

I have been an MG customer for about 18 months now. I've watched with interest over the last few years and been impressed by how the brand has evolved and by the range of hybrid and fully electric cars that have come from MG. After my last Diesel car was stolen in May 2022, I decided that my next vehicle would be an electric one. Perrys MG Aylesbury was my closest dealership, so I went to see them and felt immediately at ease and well looked after.

I chose the MG EV ZS which had a good all-around size, comfort, features, and specification that I was looking for. There were still a few concerns I had about driving an EV, but once I got past the initial range anxiety, I found the car to be very reliable. My experience was that it was very comfortable to drive and easy to maintain.

After about seven months I saw the announcement of the new MG4 model release. I was even more impressed with the design and couldn't wait to book a test drive. I placed my order in October 2022 and the car arrived in June 2023.

On the day I was taking delivery of my MG4, I was told by the salesman that the XPower I had heard about and had been even more interested in, was now available to order. This left me in a very difficult situation, did I walk away from the brand-new MG4, or wait for the XPower for a few more months. 

I decided it was worth the wait and it took another four months before the XPower was delivered, but I was very pleased with my decision. Perrys MG Aylesbury were very easy to communicate with, and although unable to give me too much clarity on the delivery times, they gave me plenty of options around finance and guidance as to what to expect.

Finally, the delivery day arrived, and I was so excited to go and experience my new car. The dealership was very supportive with the options for the vehicle protection, and the GAP insurance cover that I needed, and the car looked spectacular in the volcano orange with the orange brake calliper covers.

The acceleration and features in the car are very impressive, rivalling many of the high-performance vehicles on the market today, and I am enjoying plenty of miles in an EV which is not only economical for the planet, but very comfortable and competitive on the roads.

I would recommend an MG to anybody who is looking for an easy entry into the EV market.

I’m always looking forward to seeing what the next design and MG model range will be and I look forward to what my next upgrade will be. However, I am very happy with my current choice, and I get plenty of looks when I'm driving around which makes me feel very smug. 

As for my overall experience, I would say that the staff at Perrys MG Aylesbury have been excellent, especially Dan Hamlin (MG Sales Manager) and Jacob Surman (MG Sales Rep). They have supported me every step of the way and done their best to deliver me the vehicles that I've asked for, in the most efficient time and have also been supportive throughout my MG journey so far. I look forward to plenty more years with my current MG and look forward to the next upgrade sometime in the future.

Andy Woodward

Current vehicle: MG4 XPower (Volcano Orange), purchased November 2023

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Testimonial written by Andy Woodward
05 Jan 2024