Top ten best, cheapest vans in 2012

To find the cheapest van in 2012 we’ve used Perrys new van deals section of the website. However, we’ve also used some of our van knowledge and experience to recommend the best new vans for 2012 based on the lowest prices instead of just listing the cheapest new vans.

For the best new vans of 2011 read our guide – or continue reading for our top ten picks for cheapest vans in 2012.

Please note, van prices quoted are based on the latest offers as of April 2012 and are subject to change.

Vauxhall Combo

The cheapest van in 2012, according to our new vans deals, is not a small car-based van, but the practical and spacious Vauxhall Combo van.

Not only is the Vauxhall Combo priced at just £7,995, it also comes with Vauxhall’s efficient Ecoflex 1.3-litre engine, which keeps running costs to a minimum.

As our cheapest van of 2012, the Vauxhall Combo van is surprisingly spacious with 2.39 cubic metres of load space in the generous rear end.

It also comes with a radio, plenty of cubby holes and safety kit including driver’s airbag and three-point seatbelts.

Vauxhall Combo prices start from £7,995 in the Perrys van deals section.

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Renault Kangoo van

The second-cheapest van of 2012 on our list is a Renault Kangoo van, the practical van that is ideal for city-based work thanks to its low running costs and compact dimensions.

In our new van offers section Renault Kangoo van prices start from £9,545 for ‘Debut’ versions fitted with a 1.5-litre 75bhp diesel engine.

Like the Vauxhall Combo van, it offers up to three cubic metres of load space and comes with equipment to secure loads and storage spaces for smaller items.

It also comes with a radio, roof bar fixings for extra storage capacity and a ‘titanium’ cloth upholster.

Renault Kangoo van prices start from £9,545 in our new van deals section.

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Citroen Nemo van

Still under £10,000 in our list of the cheapest vans in 2012, the Citroen Nemo is also one of the more distinctive vans thanks to its chunky, curvaceous styling.

Attractive and spacious, the Citroen Nemo can be bought for just £7,995 in our new van deal section of the site. The price applies to a 1.4-litre petrol version and means you can have one of the most eye-catching vans on the road and have change from £8,000.

It still harbours 2.5 cubic metres of space in the rear end and its tiny turning circle is ideal for nipping through city traffic.

Citroen Nemo van prices start from £7,995 in the new van offers section of the Perrys website, leading to an eye-catching bargain for new ban buyers.

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Peugeot 207 van

The Peugeot 207 may have replaced by the superb 208 hatchback this year but the Peugeot 207 van is still on sale from new and fourth in our cheapest van of 2012 list.

The tiny van is the same size as the 207 compact hatchback and because of this is smaller than the previous vans on the cheapest van list.

However, it does benefit from lower running costs and is easier to park and squeeze through traffic. An ideal delivery van, the Peugeot 207 is also one of the better vans to drive because of its car origins.

Peugeot 207 van prices start from £7,900 in our new van deals pages. This price refers to a 1.4-litre diesel developing 70hp and the van delivers excellent fuel economy figures of 65.7mpg.

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Fiat Fiorino Cargo

The Fiat Fiorino Cargo is a van version of the Fiat Fiorino people carrier and brings a touch of Italian styling class to the cheapest van in 2012 list.

A stylish front end and spacious rear end are a good combination for any van and the Fiat Fiorino Cargo adds sliding doors for easier access and a frugal 1.4-litre petrol engine to the mix.

Fiat Fiorino Cargo prices start from under £10,500, putting it in the top five of the cheapest van list. The discounted van prices van be found in our new van deals pages.

Expect a good level of equipment with the Fiat Fiorino and safety kit including a driver airbag, anti-lock brakes and power-assisted steering.

Fiat Fiorino Cargo van prices start from £10,471 in our van offers section.

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Fiat Grande Punto van

The Fiat Grande Punto van is sixth on our list of cheapest vans in 2012 but in terms of design and driveability, it is number one.

Based on the Fiat Grande Punto hatchback, the Grande Punto van looks great and the handling and responsiveness belies its van design.

The Fiat Grande Punto van is also one of the best-equipped vans for under £11,000 with radio, CD player and MP3 compatibility as standard. It also comes with steering wheel audio controls, a chrome front grille and follow-me-home headlights as standard.

Fiat Grande Punto prices start from £10,633 in our new van deal pages once Perrys van discounts are taken into account – a bargain for a stylish van designed for city driving.

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Peugeot Bipper van

A brand new Peugeot Bipper van will cost just £11,144 and brings with it similar styling to the Citroen Nemo and Fiat Fiorino – vans built alongside the Bipper in a joint venture.

This means chunky design, plenty of space in the rear but the same small dimensions that are ideal for city-based driving.

In terms of the cheapest vans of 2012, the Peugeot Bipper van is one of the best for the amount of space and equipment available for a little over £8,500 for a brand new van.

A turning circle of less than ten metres is ideal for tight city streets and can carry up to 2.8 cubic metres in the spacious rear end.

Peugeot Bipper van prices start from £8,500 in our new van deals section of the Perrys Motors website, or from Perrys van dealerships across the UK.

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Ford Transit Connect

The first of two Ford vehicles on our cheapest vans in 2012 list is the Ford Transit Connect, the smaller, city-oriented Ford Transit van.

Ford Transit Connect prices start from £11,216 for a low roof van in short-wheelbase form fitted with a 1.8-litre diesel engine.

The Ford Transit Connect brings with it Ford’s excellent build quality, durability and reliability but underneath that lies an inherent practicality with the new Ford Transit Connect.

It offers 3.4 cubic metres of luggage space – more than the majority of competitors in the small van category – and a host of equipment, safety kit and engine choices.

Ford Transit Connect prices are £11,216 for the cheapest version in our new van deal pages.

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Ford Fiesta van

In ninth place on our cheapest vans 2012 list is the Ford Fiesta van, a compact van based on the UK’s favourite car in terms of sales; the Ford Fiesta hatchback.

The Ford Fiesta van is the perfect van for the city. The Ford Fiesta is superbly responsive and fun to drive and the van version continues this.

It also comes with a huge amount of equipment including rear wiper, power steering, electric windows, tinted glass, radio and CD player, guide-me-home headlights and plenty of safety kit.

Brand new Ford Fiesta van prices start from just £11,395 in our new van deals pages for a Ford Fiesta van which uses a 1.25-litre petrol engine.

The Ford Fiesta van is the best van for city driving and one of the cheapest vans in 2012 from Perrys van dealerships.

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Renault Kangoo ZE van

Sometimes the cheapest van in 2012 is not based on van prices alone. The electric Renault Kangoo ZE van, for example, costs around £17,000.

However, it also offers the lowest running costs to be found because it uses purely electric power – this means it is immune from rising petrol and diesel costs in the UK.

These are also plenty of charges around city areas for Renault Kangoo ZE van drivers and it qualifies for exemption from charges for the London Low Emissions Zone (LEZ).

In all other ways it is the same as the Renault Kangoo van in that it offers a spacious rear for luggage and plenty of safety equipment.

Renault Kangoo ZE prices start from around £17,000 before battery costs are taken into account.

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