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New Vauxhall New Combo

Vauxhall's Combo stands out as a compact yet highly versatile panel van, designed to cater to both cargo transportation and passenger needs. With a focus on practicality and innovation, the Combo embodies the essence of a reliable business partner.

If you are interested in the Vauxhall New Combo, visit one of our dealerships in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire, Swinton & Rotherham & Doncaster & Barnsley South Yorkshire, Sittingbourne & Dover & Canterbury & Broadstairs Kent, Bury & Burnley Lancashire, Huddersfield West Yorkshire or speak to our knowledgeable staff if you would like to learn more.


With various body lengths and styles, along with clever interior solutions, the Combo can be customized to suit specific business requirements. Its flexibility enhances productivity and delivers exceptional results.


The Combo is equipped with highly efficient yet powerful engines and a choice of transmissions. Whether navigating urban streets or covering long distances with heavy loads, the Combo delivers optimal performance, meeting the demands of diverse business needs.


The Combo sets new standards with class-leading load dimensions and innovative features like the Flex Cargo load-through flap. Despite its compact exterior, it offers impressive interior space, with a maximum load length of up to 3,440 mm, accommodating various types of cargo with ease.

Living with it

The new Combo prioritizes safety with best-in-class IntelliLux® Matrix LED headlights, offering optimum visibility and automatic adaptability. Advanced safety features ensure the protection of passengers, cargo, and pedestrians, allowing businesses to focus on their operations without compromising safety.

New Vauxhall Combo Interior

New Vauxhall Combo - Interior
New Vauxhall Combo - Interior
New Vauxhall Combo - Interior