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Energising a Better Britain

Made in Britain, for Britain: Vivaro & Combo Electric


Vauxhall's electric van range, now Britain's favorite and recognized for excellence, is celebrated in our new TV campaign, featuring distinctive design upgrades and enhanced electric technology, including the award-winning Vivaro, all manufactured in Britain, reaffirming our commitment to powering British business and energizing a better Britain.

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Vauxhall Electric Vans: Driving British Business Forward

For decades, our vans have supported British business. Now, our electric range is the nation's favorite, outselling competitors and setting new standards. The Vivaro won the WHATCAR? Best Medium Electric Van award for 2024. Our new TV campaign highlights our updated electric vans, featuring the iconic Vauxhall Vizor and up to 261 miles of range, continuing Vauxhall's tradition of excellence. We proudly build our electric vans in Britain. The Combo electric van is produced at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, the UK’s first plant dedicated to electric vehicles. With leading electric products and strong local manufacturing, Vauxhall is driving a sustainable future for Britain.


Vivaro Electric: Britain's Top Choice for Efficiency and Style

Britain's favorite electric van, the best-selling Vivaro Electric, stands out for its impressive range of up to 217 miles, making it perfect for various commercial tasks. Recently revamped with a unique design, the Vivaro prioritizes electric efficiency, delivering significant fuel cost savings while offering an environmentally-conscious, practical, and stylish solution for businesses.


Empowering Britain's Electric Mobility: Vauxhall's Local Commitment

For nearly a century, Vauxhall has been a pillar of support for the local community and the British economy through its van manufacturing operations, dating back to 1932. At our Ellesmere Port plant, we proudly produce Combo Electric vans, marking a significant milestone as the UK’s inaugural manufacturing facility exclusively dedicated to electric vehicles. With a steadfast commitment to advancing Britain's mobility landscape, Vauxhall ensures universal access to personal mobility amidst the industry's shift towards an all-electric future. By prioritizing the production of electric commercial vehicles domestically, we not only bolster British employment but also make electric mobility more accessible to all, aligning with our mission to energize a brighter future for Britain


Electric: The Core of Our Present and Future

Electricity isn't just a future prospect for us; it's the present reality and the focal point of all our endeavors. Our electric vans emit zero NO2 emissions at the tailpipe, contributing to cleaner air and assisting businesses in enhancing the communities they operate in.


Silent Solutions: Vauxhall's Electric Van Range

The Vauxhall Electric Van Range mitigates noise pollution, aligning with our mission to invigorate a brighter Britain and aiding businesses in minimizing their impact on local communities.

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