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Plug & Go with Vauxhall

Experience the future of driving with our range of 100% electric and hybrid models.

We're on a mission to build electric cars for everyone. Vauxhall are leading the way in electric driving and will only offer fully electric cars and vans from 2028 - two years ahead of the government deadline. 

We're making the switch to electric easy with Plug & Go. Bringing you peace of mind and hassle-free electric driving, with 3 simple steps.

1. Choose Your Model

Whether You're Looking For Something Sporty, An SUV, Or A Model With Cutting-edge Technology, We've Got You Covered. Our Award-winning All-electric And Plug-in Hybrid Models Come With A Battery Warranty Of 8 Years/100,000 Miles*.

2. Charge At Home

As Part Of Plug & Go you Can Choose To Include A Home Walbox With Installation, From A Choice Of Three Providers: British Gas, Podpoint And Octopus.

3. Charge On The Go

Octopus Energy Have Changed The Charging Game With Electric Universe, The One-app And Card That Works With Multiple Charging Networks, Providing Access To Over 300,000 Chargers Across The UK And Europe. To Get You Started, Have £10 Credit On Us.

Wallbox Providers

Hive Alfen S-Line, With British Gas: One-off Cost Of £589 Including Installation*. Solo 3, With Podpoint: One-off Cost Of £889 Including Installation*. Ohme Home Pro, With Octopus: One-off Cost Of £989 Including Installation*. You Can Purchase All With A One-off Payment or Spread The Cost By Adding It To Your Monthly Vehicle Finance Plan^.

The different types of low-emission vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) get 100% of their power from an electric motor. BEVs are charged using mains power which can be found at outlets in your home, or faster charge points on public roads. They have no petrol or diesel engine and therefore produce zero tailpipe carbon emissions.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)
PHEVs are powered by a combustion engine and a battery-powered engine. The driver therefore has the flexibility to use a traditional combustion engine if they have no range available on their battery. PHEVs typically can travel between 30 and 35 miles in full electric mode. Like with a BEV, the electric battery in a PHEV is charged using mains power.

Hybrid (HEV)
Like Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, Hybrids are powered by a combustion engine and a battery-powered engine. Pure electric propulsion is possible at speeds up to 30mph, and distances up to 2 miles. The electricity needed to charge the electric motor is produced by the combustion engine.

Mild Hybrid
Mild Hybrids are powered by a combustion engine, boosted by a small electric motor. The electric motor helps the combustion engine burn less fuel and provides improved low-end torque. Mild Hybrids never use electric alone.

The different types of low-emission vehicles