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Servicing & Parts at Perrys MG

Our promise

Our focus is on offering the right repair first time round, at the right price using original car parts and original accessories. We employ staff who are technically proficient in MG cars, experienced, properly trained and passionate about passenger safety and delivering excellent customer service. This is why our customers trust us.

Taking care of you and your vehicle

Working out who to trust with your MG vehicle servicing & maintenance can be difficult.

Perrys Motor Sales are the official franchise dealers for 15 well-known vehicle brands with over 40 locations nationwide.

For peace of mind, you might like to know that we're a member of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), which means that we commit to their exceptional aftersales standards to give you confidence when using our services.

What is it important to service your MG vehicle

If you own a MG car, it is important to ensure your vehicle is regularly serviced, not just for the safety of yourself and others, but also to prevent any nasty or costly surprises further down the line. 

Having your MG vehicle serviced regularly is all part of being a responsible car owner. Regular servicing also helps find potential issues with your car before they become bigger problems, which can actually be more costly than the service itself.

When you bring your MG vehicle for a service at Perrys, it will involve a series of checks to ensure your car is running at optimum performance and also help uncover any small issues that have the potential to become a bigger problem later down the line, or when you least expect them. 

There are different levels of service to suit your situation, usually based on the age and mileage of your MG car.

Most servicing packages will include checking wheel balance, top up coolant and top up power steering fluid to name a few, but major services will include the most checks.

It’s important to take care of the working components of your car, for example poorly maintained tyres can blow out, potentially causing a serious accident. 

Regular servicing will also benefit you when you come to sell your MG car, as an up to date service book will offer the buyer complete peace of mind that the vehicle they are purchasing has been inspected by professionals on a regular basis.