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Blogs at Perrys

Pre-orders flooding in for the MG Cyberster at Perrys MG!

We are ecstatic to announce that Perrys MG Aylesbury has already taken several pre-orders for the much-anticipated MG Cyberster! This revolutionary all-electric roadster is making waves in the automotive world, combining cutting-edge technology with stunning design and thrilling performance.…
Written by Dan | 2 min read

Discover the New MG3 Hybrid at Our Test Drive Event

Are you ready to experience the future of driving? Perrys is thrilled to invite you to an exclusive launch event for the all-new MG3 HEV, a vehicle that’s setting new benchmarks for hybrid performance and style. Join us from the 25th to the 27th of April at Perrys MG, for an unforgettable…
Written by Dan | 1 min read

Rev Up Your Style and Savings: Discover the MG 3

The MG 3 is a remarkable vehicle that stands out for its sporty looks, reliable performance, and exceptional value for money. This car is a great choice for a wide range of customers, including first-time drivers, small families, and anyone seeking a stylish, affordable and practical vehicle. Sporty…
Written by Dan | 2 min read

My MG Experience - (2nd January 2024)

I have been an MG customer for about 18 months now. I've watched with interest over the last few years and been impressed by how the brand has evolved and by the range of hybrid and fully electric cars that have come from MG. After my last Diesel car was stolen in May 2022, I decided that my…
Testimonial written by Andy Woodward

The New MG4 EV XPower: A Detailed Look from Perrys MG Aylesbury

The Buzz Around MG's Latest Offering The MG4 EV XPower has landed, and it's hard not to notice. Hot on the heels of last year's successful MG4 Standard and Long Range models, MG has now released what is arguably its most ambitious vehicle yet. Within just one year, MG has sold more than…
Written by Dan - 2 min read

Top 5 Electric SUV

With electric cars becoming cheaper to run, improving technologies, and the looming petrol ban in the UK, combined with customers increasing demand for SUVs, we have put together a top 5 of the most popular electric SUVs here at Perrys. Hyundai Kona Electric     First on our list is the…
Written by Lucrezia | 4 min read

Types of Electric Cars: A No Frills Guide

With an estimate of over 1M electric vehicles recorded on the road last year in the UK and electric cars amounting to 11.6% of vehicle sales (a booming 76% increase compared to 2020); the electric revolution is so much closer than you think. Here at Perrys, we have put together a guide to walk you…
Written by Lucrezia | 7 min read