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What Options Are There at the End of Your Motability Lease

As a Motability customer, once you’re about to reach the end of your current Motability lease agreement, you may be thinking about what to do next.

There are several options available to you, such as:

  • Leasing another car on the Scheme
  • Keeping your current car for longer
  • Returning your vehicle and leaving the Motability Scheme

Let’s explore the options in more detail.

Leasing Another Car

On the Motability Scheme, with Perrys, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of vehicles including Petrol, Diesel, or Electric.

Choosing a car on the Motability Scheme allows you to lease it for three years from its delivery date, and, three months before the end of your lease, you will get a letter in the post as it’s time to choose a new car on the Scheme.

Remember though that you will need to have a minimum of 12 months remaining on your allowance in order to lease a new car. If you have less, you may be able to extend your current lease while you wait for your new award's confirmation. Alternatively, you will be able to place a new application on the Scheme.

Timeline as Your Motability Scheme Lease is Ending

Three Months to Go

As the three-month mark before the end of your lease approaches, you will need to consider the following:

  • What adaptations do you think you need, and if you already have some on your car, you may be able to transfer them to a new vehicle (It’s worth contacting your nearest Perrys to discuss whether this is possible as an option).
  • Find a car you’re interested in and book a test drive to see whether it suits your needs.
  • Make sure your details, such as name and address are up to date on both the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) as well as the DVLA’s website.
  • Order your new vehicle and make sure to tell us who will be driving the vehicle, as this will appear on your leasing agreement.
  • Track your application progress on your Motability Scheme account.
Motability Car

Two Months to Go

  • We should have contacted you to arrange your MOT, which, together with routine repairs, is included as part of your Motability lease agreement. Please contact your nearest Perrys to book your MOT if we still haven't contacted you to book one.

One Month to Go

  • You won’t need to remove your adaptations if you have any; however, should you wish to do so, you will need to arrange this independently and you will be responsible for the costs involved in removing them.
  • Remember to keep in touch with us at Perrys regarding your delivery date.

What is the Good Condition Payment?

The “good condition payment” is a reward for returning your car in good condition so that it can be resold. When you hand your car back, we will take a photo and write a description of your car’s condition. We will take into consideration general wear and tear, however, if your car shows no significant damage, you should be eligible for the “good condition payment”. You will receive the payment via bank transfer, and the amount will depend on the length of your agreement, ranging from £250 to £350 for, respectively, a three or five-year lease.

Keeping your Current Car for Longer

There are three instances in which you can request a lease extension.

  • You need to place a new Motability application
  • Your mileage is less than 15,000
  • You have adaptations on your car

But let’s look into these options in more detail to see if you’re eligible.

Keeping your Motability car for longer

New Motability Application

If you are waiting for your award to be renewed or have started a new application, it may be possible for you to have a short extension on your lease agreement until your application has been submitted or your award has been renewed.

Less Than 15,000 Miles

If you have driven less than 15,000 at the end of your Motability lease, you may be able to keep your current car for an extra one or two years. You can ask for this extension three months before your lease comes to an end. Should you be eligible, your yearly allowance will be 20,000 and your lease will continue as normal. You will be able to request this online on your Motability Scheme online account.

Adapted Vehicle

The last option you have if you would like a lease extension is if you have particular adaptations fitted to your car, including swivel chairs, electronic accelerators, or rooftop hoists. This may allow you to extend your lease for a maximum of two years. If this extension is granted to you, you will get a yearly allowance of 20,000 miles, and the lease will continue as normal.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Leaving the Motability Scheme

If, at the end of your Motability lease you choose not to lease another car within the Scheme, you will need to bear a few things in mind.

  • Book an MOT Test (the cost is covered) and Perrys will contact you approximately two months before the end of your Motability lease. In the event this hasn't happened, please contact us.
  • Make sure that any documentation or equipment that was given to you with the car, is also returned to us; this includes your vehicle handbook, spare keys, and any other kit that was given to you upon delivery of your vehicle.
  • Restore your infotainment system to factory settings to ensure your privacy is protected and any personal information has been removed.
  • Once you return your car, we will check its condition and decide whether to award you a “good condition payment”.

We hope our article has given you a better understanding of what your options are as you reach the end of your Motability lease. However, should anything be unclear, and should you have any further queries, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Written by Lucrezia | 4 min read
10 Nov 2022