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Top 10 Used Cars for a Staycation

It’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to a very well-deserved break now, aren’t we? As we move along the UK’s roadmap out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the prospect of a relaxing week or two away from it all is finally a real possibility. And while some of us are setting our sights on a holiday abroad, others are playing it a little safer and opting for a good old-fashioned staycation – a holiday spent in the UK.

But whether you plan on heading to the coast, treating yourself to a nice city break or getting outdoorsy in the Lake District, you’re going to need a car you can rely on. So, to help you choose an affordable vehicle that is the perfect fit for your getaway this year, here’s our Top 10 round-up of the best used cars for a staycation.

#1. Vauxhall – Crossland X

When naming their cars, manufacturers often come up with some extremely outlandish ideas that leave you wondering what they were thinking. In this case, though, Vauxhall has absolutely nailed it because the Crossland does exactly what its name suggests – providing a general-purpose vehicle that is a fantastic all-rounder. Looks-wise, what you have here is a very smart SUV, particularly if you opt for the black or white finish. And with its intuitively designed interior this makes a very comfortable family vehicle that is ideal for those long motorway journeys – even for those moments when you’re stuck sitting in traffic! Find a used model here

Kia Niro-e

#2. Ford – Kuga

Spelled “Kuga” but pronounced the like the wild cat, cougar, this is a top SUV from the big American brand we all know and love. Strangely enough, in the US itself this car is not, in fact, called Kuga but goes by the far simpler name the Ford Escape. Never mind these little quirks, though, because the bottom line is that this is a very good car – whichever side of the Atlantic you happen to be on! All SUVs tend to look like they have four-wheel drive… well, this one actually does. That means it’s a great choice if you’re going camping or if your staycation involves heading somewhere that’s off the beaten track. As well as superior technical capabilities, you’ve got plenty of space and comfort within too, so this is an excellent all-rounder. Find a used model here


#3. Audi – Q2

Audi is renowned for its combination of solid German engineering and its range of stylish, sporty designs. The Q2 is no exception – a small SUV that somehow always manages to look impressively poised for action, even when parked at the supermarket! You’ll often see this model with an electric blue metallic finish, which really adds to its aesthetic appeal. Style points aside, this is a very practical vehicle that is hugely reliable and comes with an array of advanced tech to make your in-car experience all the more relaxing. When shopping for used Audi Q2s, you’ll generally find them kitted out with such conveniences as satellite navigation, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity and DAB radio with a colour screen – an impressive vehicle both inside and out. Find a used model here

#4 Mazda – CX-30

Its name might bring to mind C-3PO – that awkward, chattering robot from Star Wars – but don’t be fooled – this SUV from Mazda is cool, sporty and very slick. It manages to achieve a high-end, luxury look and feel without costing the earth, which makes it one very appealing model from brand new, let alone in the used car market. Sporting a dual exhaust, it has a dynamic performance to match. Overall, the CX-30 is the perfect choice if you want all the practicality of an SUV without compromising on street cred as you cruise around the UK this year, comfortably loaded up with luggage. Find a used model here


#5. KIA – e-Niro

You’ve probably seen the ads for this one on the box – Hollywood legend Robert De Niro appears dressed as a hipster alongside the car and is told “It’s not De Niro, it’s the Niro”. Well… it’s not a great advert; but, thankfully, it is a great car. The Niro comes in various formats but the e-Niro is the one we’ve picked for our Top 10 because it’s fully electric. If you’re interested in converting to electric vehicle technology soon but are still on the fence at the moment, this could be the car for you. It’s one of the most popular electric cars on the market right now, all thanks to its impressive range of 282 miles. Obviously, that’s a game changer if you’re planning on taking on a long motorway journey. (And if you want to learn exactly what’s what when it comes to the exciting new realm of electric cars in the UK, check out our guide to electric vehicles for the full low-down.) Find a used model here


#6. Citroen – C1

We know that staycations aren’t just about the great outdoors – some may prefer a sophisticated city break, or even exploring your own city. It’s actually a great opportunity to go off and make the kind of daytrips to touristy hotspots that you wouldn’t usually bother with, precisely because they’re on your own doorstep! When it comes to urban environments, then, you really don’t need an SUV. The C1 is a dinky hatchback from the great manufacturer that brought us that iconic French car the DS. Stylish and economical, this 998cc charmer is ideal for crowded, narrow roads, squeezing into tight parking spaces and zipping about town looking oh so chic. Find a used model here


#7. Peugeot – 2008

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that the Peugeot 2008 has some connection with the year 2008. It sounds like the French designers behind this one have named the car like a fine wine – in reference to its vintage. Not so! It was launched in the year 2013 and most of the used models that you’ll find in the UK now are from 2017 or 2018. It’s all rather confusing, but the point is that this is a very good vehicle. It looks smart, is highly reliable and comes at a great price. The Peugeot 2008 will set you in good stead for this summer’s staycation and well into the future too – whatever it may hold…! Find a used model here


#8. KIA – Sportage

The Sportage from KIA may not have an expensive TV advertising campaign behind it that stars Robert De Niro, but it’s a great SUV nonetheless! This particular model from the South Korean manufacturer ticks all the UK staycation boxes – there’s plenty of space for friends and family, it has good capacity for all of your luggage and it offers some very nifty in-car tech for your ease and comfort on those longer journeys. And as if all that weren’t enough, most used Sportage models come with some very fetching alloys to boot! Now who can resist such an appealing package as that? Find a used model here

#9. MG – ZS

The MG brand retains its heritage well, despite no longer being British-owned, and those two simple letters still call to mind the natty two-seater sports cars of days gone by. Today, our roads and motorways call for something a bit different, and the MG ZS answers the call beautifully. This is one very stylish SUV that comes equipped with a whole host of goodies as standard. These are the little touches that spell the difference between stressful and relaxing travel on your staycation. You’ll find a touchscreen multimedia system, Apple Carplay, air conditioning, rear parking sensors, USB connectivity, cruise control… and the list goes on! This is an excellent all-round package from MG. Find a used model here


#10. Land Rover – Range Rover

We finish our Top 10 list with an absolute British classic. Popular all over the world now and a particular favourite with celebrities, we bring it back to its roots here in recommending it for a UK staycation. Nothing looks more at home in the UK’s countryside than a Land Rover, preferably with a hearty splattering of mud! Of course, the luxurious Range Rover comes at a price when new and fully decked out in a white finish and blinging alloys for the red carpets and nightclubs of Los Angeles; but these cars are more affordable as used vehicles in the UK than people often think. This is a hugely versatile vehicle that won’t let you down, whether it’s carrying surfboards and mountain bikes or towing a heavy caravan.  Find a used model here

Choose your used car wisely and get ready for a great summer!

So that concludes our run down of the top 10 used cars for a staycation. We’ve gone from sporty German style and a classic, big American presence on the road to the opposite end of the motoring spectrum with a little bit of French chic. Whatever your plans are for your UK holiday this year, remember that getting the right car before you head off is a must to really get the most out of your getaway. You can find all the cars mentioned in this blog, and many more manufacturers and models, from the wide range of used vehicles at Perrys. Let’s get ready to hit the road… it’s going to be a great summer!


Written by Perrys | 7 min read
09 Apr 2021