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Customer Success Stories: Motability

When we shot our interview with Judith Pritchard, one of our Motability Specialists at Perrys Vauxhall in Barnsley, one of her customers came forward to ask if he could talk to us about his experience with Perrys for his Motability purchases. So here below is an interview with Mr Alan Steele.

In order to make our video accessible we have provided a transcription below.

Mr Steele, how did you choose Perrys for your Motability purchase?

We originally went in for a Kia, but the (Vauxhall) Antara came up at £299 (for the advance payment), and I stuck with Vauxhall ever since. 

Could you describe to us your Motability purchase with Perrys? How did you know it was Perrys you wanted to go with in the end?

Judith (Pritchard, our Motability Specialist at Perrys Vauxhall in Barnsley) mainly. She made us feel at home and welcome, she was friendly, and we just went from there. You know once you get to know a person, they treat you with respect and are very friendly, you just stick with them.

What did you like most about your experience with this purchase? Anything that stood out?

The whole experience was brilliant. I was with Ford but they didn’t seem the same as Perrys, you know, they weren’t as nice. Perrys was friendly and hit the nail on the head!

Is it your first Motability purchase with Perrys?

No, I’ve been with them for 9 years now. I’ve had three (cars) myself and my wife has had one for a while.

So, you’re what they call a loyal customer?

Yes, and that’s why I’m loyal because I’ve been treated with respect. It’s the same with the service, Perrys collects (the car) and brings it back. I don’t need to do anything.

Was it a quick process?

Yes, expect now that we’re having to wait for the cars to be delivered, but they will come eventually.

Do you think that for future purchases you would choose Perrys again?

Yes, I have no intention of going anywhere else.

We hope you have enjoyed our customer’s feedback and if you have any questions regarding Motability, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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Written by Lucrezia | 1 min read
29 Jun 2022