Bad Credit Car Finance

At Perrys, we approve 8 out of 10 specialist finance cases. Even better, we've made our service as flexible as possible, so if you're having trouble getting finance, see if Perrys can help.

Our application process is less intrusive than the banks and we won't ask you to jump through hoops. We've been helping people choose the right car, on the right car finance agreement for generations (over 100 years actually).

We can help you find car finance even if you have historically had bad credit in the past, have an IVA or CCJ or you are unemployed and in receipt of benefits.

If you don’t currently have any credit history or you are still young, we may also be able to help you find suitable car finance.

Looking for car finance with bad credit?

If you have bad credit and looking for car finance, here at Perrys we would be happy to help. Bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean car finance is not an option to you, there are other factors that come into play and it may depend on your current personal situation as to whether you will be eligible for car finance.

We work with a range of lenders so, although you may not get approval with some, you may with others.

How do I know if I have bad credit

Unless you have done a recent credit check, you may not yet have an idea of what your credit score looks like. Bad credit can come from previously missed payments or if you have been denied a loan in the past.

There are ways to improve your credit rating, but this can take time, so it’s worth speaking to Perrys first to see what the situation is and whether you are eligible for car finance.

Can I get car finance with no credit history?

Quite often, no credit rating can be as negative as a bad credit rating as there is no trust built up so lenders won’t know how reliable you are at making repayments.

Again, there are ways to improve your credit rating but this takes time. Speak to Perrys if you have no previous credit history and we would be happy to run through your options.

How to apply for car finance

If you think you may have bad credit, we recommend contacting your local Perrys dealer in the first instance or use our quick 30 second eligibility checker as this leaves no footprint on your credit search history.

Can I apply for car finance when unemployed?

We all lead different lives, so it stands to reason that we all have different circumstances.  That means that sometimes the standard finance offerings aren't necessarily within our reach.

We also have a number of lenders that will accept regular income from benefits.

Can I get car finance if I’ve never had finance before?

You can still benefit from car finance if you’ve never had finance before. We have specialist finance lenders on hand to help people who are taking out finance for the first time.

Car finance with no deposit

When taking out car finance, having a deposit isn’t always necessary but it will help to lower your monthly repayments, so it’s something to take into consideration if you want lower repayments.

Can I apply for finance if I’m 18?

You must be 18 years old to apply for car finance, so once you reach this age, we can help you apply for finance. We have specialist finance lenders who consider young people for car finance, sometimes they may require a guarantor to strengthen your application. Some lenders require a parental joint hirer to strengthen the finance application.

Can I apply for car finance if I’m not a UK citizen?

Usually, we require at least 3 years UK address history to be considered for car finance but there are certain exceptions. You would be required to be a professional in your line of work and the final decision is at each lender’s discretion.

Can you apply for car finance with a provisional licence?

We have certain lenders that specialise in finance for people with provisional licences, so if you are learning to drive or looking to purchase your first car, see how Perrys can help.

Is proof of income required to apply for car finance?

Proof of income is not always required to apply for car finance, often information can be gathered via your credit profile but sometimes the lenders do ask to see copy of recent wage slips, bank statements or benefit award letters.

Can I part exchange a vehicle with outstanding car finance?

If you have outstanding finance on your vehicle all we need is a settlement figure in writing from your current lender, we can then incorporate this into the deal when you purchase a vehicle from us. We will take care of the rest and settle off your current finance.

Will applying for car finance affect my credit profile?

Some of our lenders do hard searches which will show on your credit profile, whereas some lenders only do soft searches. If you wish to apply for finance but do not want a hard search on your credit profile, please call us to discuss on 01226 776190.

Can I make overpayments?

If you are looking to reduce your monthly payments or shorten the term of the agreement, you can make an overpayment at any time.

Can I pay my car finance off early?

You can choose to pay the finance off at any point and there will be an interest rebate so you will only pay interest for the length of the time you have the agreement.

Can I apply for car finance with my partner?

We do have lenders that consider finance in joint names, this is usually only considered after the individual has applied for finance alone and a joint hirer has been required to strengthen the application.

Can I apply for car finance if i’m retired?

Most of our lenders will consider people who are retired and receiving regular income from a pension.

Do you finance commercial vehicles?

If you are looking to finance a vehicle such as a van for work purposes, we have specialist lenders who we can use for financing commercial vehicles.

We have specific finance lenders that we are able to use for businesses purposes.

Can I get car finance if I am self employed?

Most of our lenders consider self employed applicants for finance. Similar to if you worked for an employer, a credit check would be required but any pay slips or bank statements would help your application.

Can I take out two finance agreements at the same time?

Our lenders do consider a second finance agreement but this all depends on your credit profile.

Can you apply for car finance in an IVA or have CCJ’s?

We deal with a range of different finance lenders, some of which specialise in finance for people who have had bad credit in the past.

I have been made bankrupt in the past, can I still apply?

If you have previously been made bankrupt, after 12 months you are able to apply for car finance.

Car Finance based on your circumstance

We work with a number of lenders who will offer a finance agreement even if you don't have a job or if you've already been refused finance.  This also applies if you haven't had a job for very long or are self employed and this is having an impact of your ability to get finance.  If you're not sure about where you fit and you need some help, why not call, email or visit us in store.

Having difficulty getting car finance?

If you're having difficulties getting car finance, you'll need to complete the application.  We'll get a feel for which finance options suit you best and then we'll contact you with some quotes.

What we won't do

We won't set you up on a finance arrangement without your agreement first.  It's just not our style. We're driven by the many repeat customers (generations of them), it's a passion for us to get the right car to the right person with the right agreement. If we get that right… there's a good chance we'll see you again!

How long will the finance process take?

You can get your loan approved and collect your car on the same day. Our vehicles come complete with a full Experian history check, extensive mechanical checks and warranty.

Can you use a vehicle in part exchange?

If you have a part exchange, we'll be happy to give you a free no obligation value and getting finance won't be dependent on this if you choose to later sell the vehicle yourself.



I thought My credit history would be a problem – little did I know...


I didn’t have much credit history and Perrys got me finance and got me on the credit ladder, and when I change my car in couple of years I should of improved my credit and get a better rate and package. I have to say, it’s been great advice.


My Divorce was messy.


Messy Divorce caused me many problems in the past – my finances were all over the place. I still needed a car and Perrys were able to get me the finance to get me on the road again.


Despite redundancy, Perrys got me in a car to help me back to work!


I was made redundant back in 2012 and missed payments, but Perrys got me credit to get a reliable car which meant I could look for better work further-a-field.


My university debt was crippling me.


I ran up some small debts whilst at Uni but Perrys got me the car I wanted at the payments I wanted thanks to Perrys.