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Clean & Fresh - Detox your car from £29.99

The Clean & Fresh service covers your engine, fuel and air conditioning system. It's recommended every year to ensure your vehicle stays in pristine condition. 


Part One 

Engine Flush 

Increased effectiveneess and optimum lubrication from the new engine oil. 


Part Two 

Fuel System Cleaner 

Improved fuel flow with lower emissions, giving improved fuel efficiency and consumption. 


Part Three

Air Conditioning Refresh

Proven to disinfect your entire ventilation system to improve air flow and air quality. 


Choose from 2 affordable options to suit you; 


Three part cleanse

£39.99 inc vat 

Includes parts one, two and three




Two part cleanse

£29.99 inc vat 

Includes part two and three only 


If your Car is overdue a refresh, why not speak to your local dealership and book yours in?