Motability COVID-19 Update @ 31st March 2020

We have been passed the below information by Motability regarding the current situation:

  • The Motability scheme is currently closed for all new applications. This includes existing customers and those who are new to scheme.
  • All Motability pricing has been removed.
  • No vehicle handovers can take place currently
  • No Q2 vehicle pricing will be released by Motability at this stage
  • Customers coming to the end of their extended lease will be automatically extended for six months. There is no need to contact Motability to arrange this, the extension will be applied automatically.
  • If customers plan to leave the scheme at the end of their lease, customers should contact Motability so arrangements can be discussed.
  • You can find other information regarding how COVID-19 has impacted on the Motability scheme by clicking here