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Ford Guide to Renting

Rail fare increases always hit rail travellers hard, but there is an alternative: car rental.


This can often be a cheaper – and more convenient – option. For example, by choosing to rent a car, two people travelling from Bath to London could stand to save well over £100 on the price of a train fare, even allowing for fuel and the congestion charge once they are in London. In fact, they could travel in a first class of their own by renting a prestige car for less than the cost of a rail ticket!


In recent times, commuters around the country have seen train fares rise, often in successive years, forcing many to rethink their journey options. The reality is that for many train journeys, passengers don’t even get a seat. That’s why car rental can offer an economical alternative, giving travellers the ultimate control over their journey.


The fact is that rail travel is not as flexible as driving and rather than a traveller having to use their own vehicle for a long journey, adding to wear and tear, car rental offers a hugely competitive alternative. Indeed rental is also a great solution for people who don’t own a car in the first place.


The benefits of car rental go far beyond the cost. Travellers can avoid the cramped conditions often experienced when travelling by public transport and bring as much luggage as they wish. Safety and comfort are guaranteed with reputable firms, and vehicles tend to be under six months old and come equipped with the latest technology as well as 24/7 breakdown assistance.

If this sounds like something that’ll suit your upcoming journeys, you can hire a car from your local Perrys Dealership now!