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Winter Tyres - Are They Worth the Investment?

What are Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are designed to offer maximum traction and grip in cold conditions. They consist of a softer compound with deeper grooves and narrow cuts. These features help disperse the water and snow by allowing the rubber to flex, improving contact with the road surface. The symbol of the outer wall of the tyre will indicate its type.


  • Work best in low temperatures, anything below 7 degrees.

  • Reduce stopping distance by 5m. Summer tyres have a stopping distance of 70m in low temperatures, and winter tyres have a stopping distance of 65m.

  • Winter tyres have excellent grip, whether wet, icy, snowy, or even if it’s dry. If it snows, the tyre treads will fill up with snow, enabling it to stick to the snow on the road. Nothing sticks better than snow on snow.

  • Extra deep treads help disperse water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and improving handling on the road.


  • Replacing the tyres. Once temperatures rise again, you will need to replace them with summer tyres. The UK is not known for its extreme weather, so you may only need winter tyres for a short period of time.

  • It’s costly to have a set of winter tyres and summer tyres plus any spares. However, in some countries like Sweden or Germany, having both is a legal requirement.

  • It’s an excellent investment if you live in an area with extreme weather fluctuations.

What Do These Symbols Mean?

There are two types of symbols on winter tyres you should be aware of. This includes:

M+S: his symbol indicates that the tyres are designed for mud and snow. These are not classed as full winter tyres.

Snowflake + Mountains: This is a symbol usually found on full winter tyres and indicates that the tyres provide safety and grip on snow and ice.

Tyres are designed for mud and snow

So, do winter tyres actually make a difference? They do if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions or where there is a law that requires you to have them. However, the UK doesn’t usually have extreme weather conditions. Therefore, all-weather tyres are generally suitable all year round. Ensure though that you regularly check your tyres’ treads to keep yourself as well as your passengers safe.

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Written by Lois | 3 min read
14 Jul 2023