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Why Choose Perrys Flex?

Here at Perrys, following a great demand from our customers, we have launched a car subscription service known as Perrys Flex.

We know how essential it is to have access to a vehicle, whether for leisure or work purposes. Perhaps you’re looking for a bigger car to go on holiday with your whole family or maybe you’re waiting for a new vehicle, but it still has not been delivered yet, due to the delays that have recently affected the motoring industry.

Several advantages come with choosing a car with Perrys Flex. Let’s explore them below.

No Long-Term Commitment

With Perrys Flex, you will be able to effectively rent a car for as little as one month and up to three months, with the possibility of extending your rental period if needed. This will allow you to have a short long-term commitment, different from when you would get a car on finance.

All-Inclusive Service

With Perrys Flex you won’t need to worry about sorting your comprehensive insurance, road tax, servicing or roadside assistance, as everything is included in your monthly subscription instalments, making it easier for you to focus on one payment only and including everything you need without the need to shop around.

Wide Range of Vehicles Available

To cater for our customers who have different wants and necessities, we have aimed for a portfolio of a wide range of cars, so that there is something for everybody. Moreover, thanks to the comprehensive monthly payment and the shorter contract length, your dream car may be more affordable than you think.

Option to Collect or Deliver

We offer two rental locations for you to collect your subscription vehicle from, in Preston or Chesterfield. Furthermore, you also have the option to get it delivered to your home address for free if you are within 10 miles of our rental locations. Alternatively, if you still prefer delivery over collection but live further than 10 miles, you will be charged £1.50 plus VAT per mile.

Receive Your Vehicle Within 7 Days

When choosing a car through Perrys Flex, you will be able to collect it or get it delivered within 7 days of your booking date. Don’t forget though to bring your driving licence, booking confirmation and the credit card used for your booking when collecting or taking delivery of your vehicle.

Capped Mileage and Possibility of Extension

All our vehicles have a monthly mileage limit of 1000 miles as standard. However, should you need to do longer commutes or journeys, you will have the option to purchase a mileage extension at your time of booking.

Possibility to Apply with an Automatic Only Licence

Our Perrys Flex subscription is not limited to people with a manual driving licence, as we want to cater to our great variety of customers with a mix of manual and automatic licences. This is why, in our subscription car portfolio, you will find a great mix of transmissions so that you can pick the perfect one for you, whether it’s manual or automatic.

We hope our article has given you more information concerning Perrys Flex. However, should something be unclear or if you would like more information about our subscription service, please don’t hesitate to click here and contact our team who will be more than happy to help you.

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Written by Lucrezia | 2 min read
06 Jan 2023