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What to Do When Your Subscription Car Gets Damaged

Car Subscription is a new type of rental service that allows you to rent a car for 1 to 3 months. Whether for leisure, work, or trying out a new car, our all-inclusive car subscription service gives you flexibility. You don’t need to worry about extra things like insurance, road tax, or maintenance as it’s all included in your subscription. 


When booking with Perrys Flex, you will automatically be insured with ZEGO, our insurance partner, and will receive a ‘Certificate of Motor Insurance’ directly from ZEGO. 

Before collecting the car, you will receive two documents: A policy Document and an Insurance Product Information Document. The policy document is what you need in the event of an accident involving the car.

Perrys Flex Car Subscription

What to Do if You are Involved in an Accident

You will need to call ZEGO directly and start a claim with them. As the dealer, we will then deduct the insurance excess from your credit card. Once the claim is settled, then, any money unused from the excess will be refunded to you. 

If an accident occurs, you must: 

  1. Do not admit responsibility to any third party. This will make it harder for the dealer to recover costs and reimburse your policy excess. 

  2. Exchange contact details with every individual involved in the accident, including witnesses and passengers. 

  3. Take as many photos of the accident as you can.

  4. Report the accident to the police and get a police report for a crime reference number.

Finally, you must contact Karzoom by email to notify them of the accident. 

What to do if You Need Roadside Assistance

If you need roadside assistance due to a mechanical failure for your rental vehicle, this will be free of charge. The contact details will be provided on your rental agreement. 

Do not attempt to repair the vehicle yourself or take it to a third party. 

If you need roadside assistance for any other reason, we will attempt to arrange this for you, but any additional costs you will need to pay for; may include vehicle repair costs, loss of use, vehicle recovery, and any associated call-out costs. 

You will need to use the contact details on your rental agreement and notify Karzoom by email. 

To find out further details, please get in touch with Karzoom. 

What am I Insured on?

Karzoom insurance policy what isit covered?

We hope this blog has helped you understand what to do if your subscription car gets damaged. For further information, visit Perrys Flex, or contact Karzoom.


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Written by Lois | 3 min read
05 Jan 2023