What Happens When You Apply For Finance at Perrys?

Applying for car finance can sometimes seem like an overwhelmingly long process. Applying for finance through Perrys will help reduce this worry and a decision will be made quickly.

As we are a nationwide dealer, we can use our size to get you a highly competitive car finance rate from a wide panel of trusted lenders. Our finance experts are always on hand to talk over options, with no complicated jargon.



30-Second Eligibility Checker

The 30-second eligibility checker provides you with a trusted and quick calculation that will give you an indication of whether you will be accepted when you’ve completed in full our finance application. 

If you would rather proceed with the full application without using our eligibility checker, you can do so with no hassle. Find our full finance application here


Can Anyone Apply?

It depends on the different lenders as each has their own specific requirements and restrictions which revolve primarily around affordability and sustainability. However, as a prerequisite for every car finance application, you must be 18 or over to be able to apply. 


What is the finance application process at Perrys?

After doing your research on what type of finance you would like to go ahead with, you will need to fill out our full finance application form. Once you have submitted the application it will be sent to Perrys financial professionals and then passed on to a suitable lender for approval. 

When filling out the form you will need to provide several details including: Personal details, recent address history, employment details, income, expenditure and bank details. These are required so that our lenders can fully process your application. 

Once all your details have been processed and the lender is happy with the outcome, they will then send you an email stating whether you have been accepted or rejected. 


How Long Does Perrys Take to Come Back with a Decision?

It will take minutes for Perrys to come back to you with a decision on whether you are suitable for car finance. The only time it may take longer is if the lender requests additional information from you.


Doing Your Research Before You Apply.

Researching the type of finance options available is recommended for any big purchase before you apply. Whether that’s buying a house or financing a car. It helps you understand how each finance type works and what will happen from the beginning to the end of your contract. Find out more information about the types of finance here

Check out our 30 second eligibility checker and start your journey with Perrys today!


Written by Lois | 3.5 min read
24 Jun 2022

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