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Top Tips on How to Keep Your Van Safe

When you need to rely on your van to do your daily job, keeping it  and its contents as safe as possible is essential. Your van holds a lot of value, not only for the vehicle itself  but also for the equipment you store inside of it. If your van gets damaged or stolen, you can make a claim on your insurance, but it’s best to get suitable security when purchasing the vehicle in the first place.

Unfortunately, things like this do happen. So, to minimise the risk of your van being stolen or broken into, here is a list of top tips to help keep your van safe.

Van’s Alarms, Immobilisers, and Locks at Perrys

Upgrade Your Van’s Alarms, Immobilisers, and Locks

Commonly, vans come with locks, alarms, and immobilisers as standard; however, in some cases, they don’t. You must check this and get them fitted if your van doesn’t have one. It’s good to purchase an alarm and immobiliser and have them fitted because the alarm only warns you of an attempted break-in, whereas the immobiliser will stop the car from starting if it’s broken into.

A few types of additional locks can be added to vans including: van deadlocks, van slam locks, van catalytic converter, and internal van locks. Either of these is an excellent option to install to prevent theft.

Install a GPS Tracker

Knowing where your van is at all times will help you avoid any unnecessary stress.  Using a GPS tracker, which connects to an app via your phone, allows you to track where your van is. If you are working in an unfamiliar area, you have the additional security of the fitted GPS tracker.

Put Your Tools in a Security Box

Your contents are as crucial as keeping your van safe. A security box is essential if you are a sole trader or rely on high-value equipment on a daily basis. They are large, heavy-duty theft-resistant boxes ranging in size. Having a security box will relieve the hassle of bringing your tools in every evening and packing them into the van in the morning. Plus, it will put your mind at ease when leaving your devices overnight.

Reinforce your Windows

If your van has windows, it might be beneficial to get them reinforced. Thieves consider  windows to be the weak point of your van. Strengthening them will put thieves at a loss and protect your van and its contents. You can get inexpensive window film, making it harder to smash through by keeping the window together and not letting it smash into tiny pieces everywhere.

Don’t forget the Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise. This is due to the valuable metals that help convert harmful emissions. The metal is taken out of the converter to be resold, making them expensive to replace.

Catalytic converters locks and clamps are available to prevent these from being stolen. They may seem expensive, but they are worth it as they are helping you avoid the risk of your catalytic converter being taken and then having to fork out a lot of money to replace it. Installing a lock or clamp will help you in the long run.

Remember how installing these preventative measures can help you and how thefts and damage can significantly impact yourself if you rely on your van on a daily basis.

Perrys offer fittings for security systems and locks for vans; find your local Perrys dealer by clicking here.


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Written by Lois | 4.30 min read
12 Jul 2023