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Top Items You Should Never Leave in a Car

We are all responsible for leaving things in the car: Phones, drink bottles, deodorant, we’ve done it. But do you know how unsafe it can be to leave these items in your car? In this blog, we talk about the top items you shouldn’t leave in your car. 

Plastic Bottles

You’ve grabbed a drink from the shop, chucked it in the door compartment, and forgotten about it. We’ve all done it. However, leaving plastic bottles in your car can be a health risk, especially in high temperatures. The heat starts to break down the plastic, causing it to release chemicals such as Phthalates and BPA. These can disrupt hormone function and are linked to cancer and heart disease. So, before you leave your car, check any bottles you’ve left for a while and put them in the bin. 


Maybe you have deodorant for when you finish the gym or hairspray to touch up those flyaways. Aerosol cans explode if they are left in high temperatures. There is a reason why they all have a warning label to say to keep out of temperatures 25C or above. Even if using these is part of your routine, you should rethink and keep them in your bag as opposed to leaving them in the car.


Not the car type, but the small ones you can buy from the supermarket. New or old, they are both a risk when left in high temperatures. Batteries can leak in extreme heat, and the toxic acid they release will damage your car’s interior. If this happens, remember to wear gloves and safety wear to clean and dispose of them


Much like children, pets struggle to cope with hot conditions. Dogs try to adapt by panting as they sweat through their tongues. However, this only helps to a certain extent, and it won’t stop them from overheating in a hot car. 

Pets in the car


You might leave your medication in the car to remember to take it. However, high temperatures can cause them to become less effective. And if your medications stop working correctly, this can cause severe consequences. For your health and safety, always keep them with you. 


Similar to aerosols, lighters can explode if left in a hot environment. The flammable fuel can expand in the small tube, possibly fracturing the case, which creates a fire hazard as the liquid can easily catch alight. 


Any gadget can be affected by heat. Leaving valuable items such as an iPhone or laptop can be damaged and warp in the heat. Also, if it’s too hot, it can become sluggish and use more power than usual, reducing the battery quicker than in average temperatures. Not only will they overheat, but leaving expensive electronics in a car can risk them being stolen. 

Don't forget the mobile phone in the car

So, when the weather is warmer, or you're travelling to a hotter country, take a minute to think about what you will leave in the car for your safety benefit. 


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Written by Lois | 3.8 min read
13 Feb 2023