The best car warranties currently available

The humble warranty is a key part of car ownership, providing long-term service and peace of mind to any and every car owner.

The right warranty can provide car owners with years of service from an in-house, trained mechanic associated with the owner’s brand of choice.

But there are some warranties out there that go the extra mile to give customers an incredible level of service. Some are incredible value for money, whilst others provide in-depth and intricate assistance from recovery bodies such as the AA and more.

Each manufacturer has its own warranty service. Below are some of the best warranties currently available when you invest in a specific brand of car:

Vauxhall’s lifetime warranty

Vauxhall says that it is so confident in the quality and reliability of its vehicles that it’s prepared to offer a staggering lifetime warranty.

But not for a person’s lifetime – for the lifetime of the Vauxhall. Lifetime warranty is available to the first owner of all-new passenger cars, and is valid up to a maximum of 100,000 miles.

The warranty covers an amazing amount of vehicle parts, including the car’s powertrain and steering, its brake parts, safety systems, electronic components and much more.

The warranty also covers free-of-charge repairs from a Vauxhall Authorised Repairer (as long as owners complete an annual vehicle check with them).

New cars are covered by a one-year unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty with qualifying repairs at no cost for the first year.

The second and third years are then extended up to a maximum of 60,000 miles, with the lifetime warranty available after that.

Additional features of the warranty include a full six year anti-perforation corrosion warranty, with no mileage restriction and 12 months’ free Vauxhall Assistance, covering the UK and mainland Europe.

Kia 7-year warranty

Kia’s 7-year/100,000 mile warranty is available across its entire range, and has proved to be incredibly popular with customers.

Kia highlights the impressive build quality of its models for the confidence in its warranty. The manufacturer’s production line in Europe is one of the industry’s most-advanced, producing high-quality models on a consistent basis.

A key feature of Kia’s warranty is the ability to transfer it to the next owner should the car ever be sold. The warranty lasts from the date of the car’s first registration, or until 100,000 miles has been reached (whichever comes first).

There isn’t a mileage limit for the first three years – rather, the 100,000 miles is for over seven years. 12 months’ roadside assistance comes as standard.

Some car parts have a natural limited lifespan though, according to Kia. Windscreen wipers and other consumable parts are covered for less time. The battery is warranted for two years, the audio system for three, the car’s paint for five, and more.

Renault 4+ warranty

Standard on every Renault purchase is the Renault 4+ package, a warranty that covers the car for up to 48 months.

The first two years grant the owner unlimited mileage, whilst the subsequent two are up to 100,000 miles.

The dealer can repair and replace parts found to have a material or assembly defect (as long as it’s recognised by Renault) free of charge.

The Renault 4+ package provides buyers with four years’ free servicing (or for the first 48,000 miles travelled), which covers everything required in Renault’s minimum maintenance programme. Parts, labour and VAT are included. Wear-and-tear items are excluded.

The 4+ package includes 24/7 roadside assistance in partnership with the AA. In the event of a breakdown the AA will tow drivers to the nearest Renault dealer.

The Renault 4+ warranty is available with or without finance.

Chevrolet 5 year warranty

Chevrolet’s 5 year warranty package is available on the Spark, the new Aveo, the Cruze, Orlando and Captiva.

Chevrolet promise a comprehensive 5-year warranty, or valid up to 100,000 miles. For no extra cost Chevrolet has thrown in a 6 year anti-perforation corrosion warranty with no mileage restriction.

Also at no extra cost is a year’s worth of Chevrolet Roadside Assistance provided by the AA.

Buyers of a new Chevrolet will also have the option of investing in a 3-year fixed price servicing package which covers 30,000 miles

Chevrolet offers a different warranty package for people investing in its hybrid Volt model, though.

Owners of the Volt will get a 3-year/60,000 mile comprehensive warranty alongside an 8-year/100,000 mile battery warranty.

The year of AA roadside assistance and 6 year anti-perforation warranty are also included for the Volt.

Alfa Romeo 5 year warranty

Alfa Romeo also offers a 5 year warranty, citing the high construction standards that go into each and every vehicle on the production line.

The original 3 year warranty was extended to 5 across the manufacturer’s MiTo and Giulietta range, and is available until 31 March 2013.

It consists of a 36 months’ unlimited mileage warranty (incl. 24 months’ Pan European warranty), with an additional 24 month/100,000 miles available. Wear-and-tear items aren’t included.

Alfa Romeo also provides an 8-year anti-perforation warranty in the unlikely event that any corrosion should occur on the vehicle.

A 3-year paintwork warranty is also available, with Alfa Romeo promising to fix any defects for free.

The three warranties are also complemented by 24/7 AA roadside assistance for the first 3 years. Features include Home Start, where the AA will bring their services straight to the owner’s doorstep.

Also available is Relay. If the repair can’t be made on the spot then the AA will transport the owner and seven passengers to any location in the UK.

Relay Plus provides the driver with a replacement hire car for 48 hours, onward travel expenses (within reason) or overnight accommodation.