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Taking Your Car on Staycation

Staycation, it’s a word we’re hearing a lot of at the minute which is likely to do with the current restrictions that are in place across the UK. If you enjoy taking holidays but you are unsure what the restrictions will look like in 2021, it’s time to consider a staycation.

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What is a staycation

According to the ever informative Wikipedia, a staycation is where you decide to take a holiday without travelling overseas, so usually within reasonable proximity of your home. They first became a popular notion back in 2009, just after the recession, when the weak pound made it much more expensive to travel abroad for a holiday.

Benefits of a staycation vs travelling abroad

Staycations definitely have their benefits, and a number of them at that:

It can be much cheaper

Although jetting off to tropical climates is the epitome of relaxation, it’s not always the best option, particularly if you are trying to look after the pennies. Overseas travel can become expensive quickly, with the cost mounting up before you even depart, with passports, airfare, travel to and from the airport, airport parking and accommodation to fork out for.

Because of this, staycations are often the ‘go-to’ for those looking to cut costs but still enjoy a family holiday together, all while exploring new places.

The cost of a staycation can be significantly lower than an overseas holiday for a number of reasons:

Finding cheaper fuel – When travelling around, it’s possible to pre-plan your route and in the process, find low-cost fuel options. Motorway services are often the most expensive, whereas supermarket fuel stations tend to come in much cheaper.

Find a last minute deal – the benefit of staying local, means you can travel at the drop of a hat if an affordable last minute deal comes up for accommodation in an area you’re looking to visit.

Less third party costs – because you only really need to book accommodation, you can cut costs in other areas such as food and entertainment. In the UK, there is a wide range of free attractions to visit that can help you save money during your staycation.

Less planning…more freedom

Another benefit of taking a staycation is that you can be much more spontaneous. Without the need to book flights and stick to an itinerary, you have much more freedom with when you can travel and for how long.

You don’t need to arrange visa’s or passports to travel in and around the UK, so you are more free to go away from an itinerary and explore as you go.

Not being tied down to a schedule is one of the selling points of holidaying in your home country. It also means you can travel at a time to suit you, whether that’s earlier in the day when traffic flow is better or later at night when you arrive home from work.

Finding the perfect staycation car

Now you’re emotionally invested in taking a staycation, it’s important to find the right car for your travels. Having a reliable and practical car with be a much better investment long term and prevent any unwanted surprises from occurring during a trip.

Economically family friendly cars

This is the most likely scenario for any staycation as finding an affordable, overseas holiday that isn’t within term time can be difficult and tedious. Holiday companies tend to increase their prices during school holidays, mainly due to supply and demand, which can make going abroad quite expensive and more restrictive. Often, families will opt for a staycation in order to take the stress out of going away.

If you are travelling around the UK with your family, you will need a reliable, spacious and safe vehicle for the miles you will be covering. Thankfully, there are a wide range of options available on the market:

Ford Kuga

First up is the Ford Kuga, which is made for family adventures and packed with safety features as standard.

The interior

As you will be spending a fair bit of time in the car, you will want something comfortable and spacious. The Ford Kuga has adaptive rear seating, meaning you can benefit from additional boot space or improved leg room for the back seat passengers.

There is also a wide range of technology features to keep you connected and entertained during your journey. The 8” infotainment system, complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto lets you control your smartphone from your fingertips.

Driver-assist features

Packed with driver assistance features, the Ford Kuga includes Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping System, and Pre-Collision Assist to name just a few, all designed to keep you safe, particularly on long, motorway journeys.

When visiting new areas, the Speed Sign Recognition can assist you whilst you concentrate on navigating to your destination.

More economical

You can benefit from the economical Ford Kuga Hybrid which utilises two power sources; an electric powertrain for short journeys under 35 miles and a conventional combustion engine for longer journeys. This option will suit you if you commute locally during the week but want to take weekend adventures that take you further afield.

7 seater cars

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Santa Fe is a stunning, 7-seater option from Hyundai, offering plenty of space without compromising on style or design.


With the ability to comfortably seat six passengers, the Hyundai Santa Fe interior is crafted with high-quality materials designed to offer a comfortable ride every time.

There is a host of technology features on the Premium model, including electric seat adjustments, a power window control system and a seat memory function.

Safety features

The Santa Fe offers one of the best-in-class safety packages which includes Lane Keeping Assist System, Blind Spot Detection, and Autonomous Emergency Braking as standard. These safety features are designed to offer complete peace of mind when traveling longer journeys.

On Premium models, there is a surround-view monitor, offering a 360-degree view of the surround of the vehicle, making it easier when maneuvering into tight spaces.


The Santa Fe offers so much more than you would sometimes get with premium brands to make traveling on the road easy and stress-free. There’s a smart electric tailgate (Premium models) that allows you to open the boot with your hands full, one-touch walk to 3rd row, which allows passengers to enter and exit the 3rd row easily, by folding the seat on the 2nd row with just the touch of a button and lastly, rear occupant alert, which detects movement in the rear seats when the driver exists the vehicle. If movement is detected, the horn will sound, and the lights will flash. 

Peugeot 3008

If you’re looking for something built for adventures, but don’t need the space that comes with the Santa Fe, the Peugeot 3008 is the ideal option for those looking for something that is ideal for adventures.


The interior of the Peugeot 3008 is designed to offer a comfortable ride for both the driver and their passengers. The 12.3” digital drivers display puts the driver in control and the small steering wheel leaves more room to manoeuvre.

Driver aids

Equipped with Night Vision infrared cameras, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Lane Assist, the 3008 helps you stay safe on the roads, especially on longer journeys.

The 360-degree parking camera offers complete visibility when reversing into tight spaces, so ideal for those with children or pets.

Most economical cars

If you’re traveling as a couple, the likelihood is you won’t need as much cabin space and can benefit from a hatchback that is more economically friendly than an SUV.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is an award winning small car, designed to offer exceptional performance and plenty of technology features as standard.


The interior is design to offer comfort to both the driver and their passengers. There is also plenty of technology including SYNC 3 and a B&O sound system to keep you connected on your journeys.

The panoramic sunroof allows you to let natural light and air into the cabin, making it feel much more spacious overall.

There’s an 8” touchscreen that puts all your media and navigation at your fingertips. With Fordpass Connect you can now turn your Fiesta into a WiFi hotspot.

Safety Features

The Ford Fiesta is packed with safety features which include Lane Keeping Aid, Traffic Sign Recognition and Active Park Assist.


There is a wide range of trims available with the Ford Fiesta, including Active, Vignale and ST. With 16”, 17” or 18” alloy wheels and stylish LED daytime running lights as well as a chrome or black exterior trim.


Depending on the model you choose, there’s also a Reversing Camera, Rear Parking Sensors and KeyFree Keyless Entry.

On all models, there are heated windscreens, heated front seats, and power folding door mirrors.

Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra can seamlessly switch between day-to-day commuting and weekend adventures, meaning it’s the perfect option if you will be taking regular staycations.


Journeys are designed to be comfortable, with the ability to seat up to 5 adults. The Elite Nav models have Active Seats with Wellness Functions, leather upholstery, and heated seats for additional comfort. This model also comes with an 8” touchscreen and instrument cluster so everything is available at your fingertips.


With Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth, you can stay connected at all times and there are plenty of entertainment options for longer journeys.


The brand-new Vauxhall Astra is powered by a 1.2l or 1.4l turbocharged petrol engine for a greater blend of performance and efficiency. There’s also the option to choose a 1.5l turbocharged diesel engine. These engines are paired with a manual 7-speed or 9-speed automatic transmission.

If you need help choosing a car that is suitable for your staycations, speak to the friendly team here at Perrys who would be happy to assist.

Written by Perrys | 7 min read
07 May 2021