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Perrys Presents: Kia Rental App

The brand-new Kia Rental App is the place where customers need to look if they want a fast, friendly, and efficient process while renting a car. No more standing in queues or at counters.

Kia Rental offers a genuinely flexible service, whether you're wanting to rent a car for a job, to test out a new Kia model for a longer amount of time, or to take a bigger car on a family trip.

With hourly, daily, and weekly rental options, the new app streamlines the entire automobile rental process and paves the way for sensible short-term car hire.

Almost the entire rental procedure is streamlined, digitalized, and automated, using your smartphone. 

You can see, reserve, and manage rentals within the app, as well as digitally sign rental agreements and be sure that you'll be hiring the exact vehicle you want. Browse the cars that are available for your preferred dates, quickly identify whether they are automatic or manual, and make use of standard factory-installed satellite navigation, Apple CarPlayTM, and Android AutoTM in the majority of the Kia models.

Kia rental App

Register in minutes using the state-of-the-art secure and encrypted in-app software, keeping your data safe and secure. It also includes a facial recognition identity check and real-time DVLA driver’s licence verification.

You can then start the process by simply selecting your desired dates and search for the available cars to rent. Reserve your car via the app, turn up to your selected dealership, pay, and be handed the keys, allowing you to be on your way as quickly as possible. 

The entire checkout process is automated and completed within the app, too. Before signing the digital rental agreement, you'll be asked to snap a few pictures of the vehicle, note any existing damage, check the mileage, and see how much petrol is left in the tank. This saves you time and reduces paperwork and waste.

It only takes a few steps to return the car: park it where it was first picked up, follow the on-screen instructions to take pictures of the vehicle and record its mileage, and then pass the keys to a staff member.

Discover the new simple and automated way to hire a car by clicking here.


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Written by Lois | 2.9 min read
15 Nov 2022