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Perrys Partnership with Rightcharge

Perrys is pleased to be partnering with Rightcharge, a home charger point installation and EV energy tariff comparison service. 

Rightcharge was founded by Charlie Cook after noticing that there was no service available for individuals to compare their options on energy tariffs and home charging points. Rightcharge’s mission is to give all electric car owners and future owners the chance to be able to compare chargers and tariffs and purchase the perfect one to suit their needs. As well as providing this service they produce content that explains the benefits of smart charging and aim to help drivers save over £10 billion and 3.8 billion kilograms collectively by 2030 through better home charging. 

What does Rightcharge offer?

Rightcharge offers a service that makes choosing a home charger and an energy tariff as easy as possible. They offer the ability to compare chargers to find the perfect one to install at your home. Finding the best rate for tariffs may seem complicated and confusing but Rightcharge offers a quick and easy energy tariff comparison service to help you find the best rate. Alongside offering these comparison services they also provide a service for businesses to help find a vetted, local, and knowledgeable installer to help them go green and install chargers that their staff can use. Rightcharge provides guidance and information on everything you need to know about EV chargers and installations, They keep up to date on any developments within the electric vehicle market. 

Why choose Rightcharge?

Rightcharge offers a quick and easy service to help you find the right home charger and energy tariffs in just a few clicks. They show you the top chargers that would suit your needs based on the information you provide, all on one page. Rightcharge believes that smart charging will save customers hundreds of pounds if they choose an EV-friendly energy tariff.

How does Rightcharge work?

When comparing home chargers or energy tariffs, you will need to answer a series of simple, short questions that will help Rightcharge pick out the best options for you. Rightcharge calculates the best home chargers based on the type of car you own, your home, and your future needs. This helps each and every customer to save money. Once you have chosen the charger that suits you best, an approved installer will get in touch with you regarding a quote for the installation. If you choose a charger that is done on a subscription, you will need to provide your information and then book a date for installation. 

Talk to the friendly team at Rightcharge about your enquiry by calling them on 08081641045. They are available between 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday or you can send your enquiry here:




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Written by Lois | 3.5 min read
08 Apr 2022