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Navigating the electric road: key questions for first-time electric car buyers

As the world continues to prioritise sustainability and efficiency, electric vehicles (EV) have emerged as a solution for eco-conscious consumers. Making the switch from traditional ICE (internal combustion engines) to electric cars can be an exciting journey, but it also comes with its fair share of considerations. Whether you're drawn to the environmental benefits, the thrill of cutting-edge technology or the potential long-term savings, buying your first electric vehicle requires careful research and planning. To help you make an informed decision, here are some crucial questions to ask when diving into the world of electric.

1. What is the range and charging infrastructure like?

Range anxiety, the fear of running out of battery power before reaching your destination, is a common concern among future EV owners. Before making a purchase, it's essential to understand the range of the vehicle you're considering and how it aligns with your daily driving. Additionally, investigate the availability of charging stations in your area and along your typical routes.

2. What is the vehicle’s combined range?

Combined range refers to the total distance an EV can travel on a single charge under mixed driving conditions, including city and motorway driving. It's crucial to clarify how the manufacturer calculates this figure, as real-world driving conditions may vary. Factors such as driving speed, weather and terrain can affect the actual range of an EV.

3. What is the vehicle’s battery degradation rate?

Like all batteries, the performance of an EV's battery pack can degrade over time. Understanding the rate of battery degradation is essential for assessing the long-term viability and cost-effectiveness of owning an electric vehicle. Research the manufacturer's warranty on the battery pack and enquire about any guarantees or policies regarding battery replacement or refurbishment.

4. What warranty options are available?

New EVs typically come with comprehensive warranties covering various components, including their battery pack and electric drivetrain. However, if you're exploring the used market, enquire about the remaining warranty coverage and whether extended warranty options are available for added peace of mind.

5. What are the vehicle’s charging options and timeframes?

Understanding the charging options available for your prospective EV is essential for your charging routine. Before you commit to your purchase you should find out whether the vehicle supports fast-charging and how long it takes to charge it from different types of charging stations (i.e. motorway vs personal home charger).

6. What maintenance and running costs should I expect?

Electric vehicles typically have lower running costs compared to traditional petrol/diesel cars due to the simplicity of electric drivetrains and fewer moving parts. However, it's essential to consider maintenance costs, including battery servicing and replacement, as well as electricity’s costs for charging. So make sure you do your research beforehand.

Buying your first electric vehicle is an exciting milestone that comes with its unique set of considerations. By asking the right questions and conducting thorough research, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and budget. From understanding range to exploring warranty options, each aspect plays a crucial role in shaping your electric driving experience. Should you have any further questions or be interested in a specific vehicle, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Written by Lucrezia | 4.2 min read
15 May 2024