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Is a Dashcam a Must have?

As more drivers seek road protection, dashcams have become increasingly popular. While some see it as a necessity, others are unsure. This blog explores the pros and cons of having a dashcam to help you decide whether it’s worth considering. 


Evidence:  Your dashcam will record footage of everything that happens whilst you’re driving, so if you’re ever involved in an accident, you’ll have video evidence of what happened. If there’s a dispute, this evidence is particularly useful to see who is at fault. 

Improved Driving: Knowing you’re being recorded can make you more mindful of your driving behaviour. This can lead to safer driving, decreasing the chances of accidents. 

Reduced Insurance Premiums: Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers with a dashcam installed in their cars because it can help reduce the likelihood of accidents and insurance fraud. 

Theft Protection: If your car is stolen, the footage from your dashcam can help the police track down the thief and recover your vehicle. 

Captures Interesting Moments:  Ever seen YouTube funny dashcam moment videos? Well, these videos are footage collated from dashcams, so maybe if your dashcam captures something interesting, your video can be featured! 

Car Dashcam


Privacy: Dashcam records footage of everything that happens while you are driving, including conversations with passengers and audio inside the car. This can cause concern if the footage is shared without your knowledge or consent. 

Legal Issues: In some jurisdictions, recording audio without consent is illegal, and there may be other legal issues related to the use of dashcams. 

Limited Field of View: Some dashcams have a limited field of view, which means they may not capture all the relevant information in the event of an accident. 

Cost & Maintenance: Dashcams can range in price from double to triple digits. This cost can be a barrier to some. Keep in mind that dashcams require maintenance and updates regularly, as systems are always developing. These updates might add to the cost. 

Distraction: As dashcams have an inbuilt screen, this may become a distraction while driving, increasing the risk of accidents. 

Whether a dashcam is, a must-have depends on personal preference, driving habits, and budget. It can provide valuable benefits such as protection against accidents, insurance fraud, and theft. However, it may also have privacy concerns, costs, and legal issues. Every driver should weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. 

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Written by Lois | 3.2 min read
17 Mar 2023