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How to Keep Your Car Safe Overnight

A car is an expensive purchase and as such, you wouldn’t want anything bad happening to it. That is why we have put together a list of top tips on how to keep your car safe overnight. Regardless of the seasons, unfortunately, thieves are often on the prowl for vehicles easy to steal, so it’s crucial to ensure your car is safe and protected at all times.

1. Get a Steering Wheel Lock

In the early 2000s, steering wheel locks were very popular, and now, in 2022, they seem to have come back into fashion. A steering lock will act as a visual deterrent for thieves; also, it will take quite some time to remove, making your vehicle difficult prey. Seeing your car with a steering wheel lock, opportunist thieves will just walk by, preferring an easier getaway.

2. Don’t Leave Any Valuables in Sight

Always take your belongings with you when you park, from your bag or backpack to any loose change. If there is something valuable you need to leave in your vehicle, ensure this is tucked away in the glove box or the booth, showing effectively to thieves that there is nothing to steal in your car.

3. Lock Your Car

No matter how safe you think it is where you’ve parked, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Regardless of how long your car will be parked for, always lock it, and if you’re unsure, double-check. Especially in winter, there is a crime called “frost-jacking”, where a motorist leaves their car unattended whilst it’s defrosting, only to see it gone moments after. Never leave your vehicle unattended, even if only for a moment or two.

4. Keep Your Keys Safe

Even if it has become more and more difficult to steal a vehicle these days, it’s still crucial to make sure you keep your keys safe both when at home and on the go. For normal push-button key fobs, make sure these are kept away from your door as some thieves have been known to fish your keys with a hook through your letterbox. For keyless entry cars (where your car will automatically unlock when the key is within a short distance from your car), thieves often use a device to fool the car into thinking the key is nearby. We recommend that for these types of keys, you keep them in a signal-blocking pouch such as a Faraday pouch or an Anti RFID blocking wallet and turn off their Wireless signals when not in use. This will prevent a thief and their accomplice to start your engine and drive away.

5. Park in a Well-Lit Location

If possible, avoid parking on dark or side roads and prefer a well-lit location or multi-story car park instead. Car thieves don’t like well-lit areas as it would make their actions more difficult to conceal. Also, make sure that if there are other cars where you’ve parked, make sure to park closer to them so that your vehicle becomes more difficult to park on by not being isolated. Even better if you park in an area covered by CCTV as it will be virtually impossible for your car to be taken from there.

We hope our article has been useful in telling you how to keep your car safe overnight. However, should you have any additional questions, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Written by Lucrezia | 3.15 min read
15 Dec 2022