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How to Clean Your Alloys

Most car manufacturers are offering alloy wheels as standard on their cars because of them being currently on trend. People believe that having alloys fitted to their vehicles will make them look sophisticated. Additionally, alloys help improve a car’s ride and handling, contributing to better vehicle performance.

However, alloys tend to pick up dirt easily, and you will have to clean them on a regular basis. This can be easily done at home. We have put together a list of steps to keep your alloy wheels spotlessly clean.

Step 1: Purchase an Alloy Wheel Cleaning Liquid

There are hundreds of alloy wheel cleaning liquids available on the market for you to choose from. Although you can use some of the items in your home as a substitute, buying a cleaning liquid is advised because they do the job properly. Also, the cost of these liquids is not very pricy and will help you keep your wheels shiny.

Step 2: Use a Hose to Remove the Dirt

Using a hose to clean the wheel will increase the water pressure helping you reach the spokes and clean off any stubborn dirt. You can also use this method to clean your car’s exterior.

Step 3: Put Your Alloy Wheel Cleaner to Use

Once you have cleaned all the external dust, spray the liquid onto your wheels and let it stay for at least 5 minutes so it can do its job. This will help remove all the thick dirt and grime that cannot be removed with water alone.

Cleaning you car alloy wheels

Step 4: Use an Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush

After letting the liquid soak for 5 minutes, you can use an Alloy cleaning brush or any old brush you have readily available in your home. The brush needs to be soft so it doesn’t create scratches. Using a brush will clean the inner barrels of the wheel.

Step 5: Wash off the liquid

You can now wash off all the liquid sprayed on the wheel with water.

Step 6: Let it dry

If you have time, leave your wheels until they are completely dry, or use a towel or paper napkins to wipe and dry them.

Step 7: Apply a Wheel Wax for Extra Protection

Once you have completed all the steps above, treat your wheels with an extra layer of protection by applying a wheel wax to them. This will help your alloy keep away from dust and prevent any road grime from sticking easily onto your wheels. Additionally, the wax also adds polish to your wheels, making them look glossier.

Car wheel wax

It’s recommended to clean your alloys at least twice a month to retain their spark and give them a long life. We hope this article helps you in your next alloy clean. If you find any alloy damage while cleaning them, use our Mobile SMART Repair service to get it sorted at your doorstep.



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Written by Vineetha | 3.7min read
19 Dec 2022