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How to Check If Your Tyres Need Changing

Car tyres are an essential component of any vehicle and play a vital role in ensuring the safety and performance of your car. That is why checking your car tyres is crucial to maintaining their optimal condition as well as avoiding potential accidents.

But let’s look below at the reasons why checking your tyres is so important.

Ensure They Are Properly Inflated

Underinflated tyres can cause your vehicle to handle poorly, increase fuel consumption and wear out faster than properly inflated tyres. On the other hand, overinflated tyres can cause them to wear out unevenly, leading to decreased grip on the road and potentially dangerous blowouts; in addition to needing to get your tyres changed earlier than expected due to rapid wear and tear.

Identify Signs of Damage or Wear and Tear

Cracks, bulges and punctures are all common signs of damage that can cause your tyres to fail suddenly, resulting in accidents. Worn-out tyres can also lead to reduced grip on the road, making your vehicle more difficult to control, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

Identify Any Alignment or Suspension Issues

Misaligned wheels or worn-out suspension components can cause your tyres to wear out unevenly and decrease their lifespan in addition to reducing your fuel economy. Addressing these issues promptly can help prevent any potential accidents, in addition to extending the lifetime of your tyres.

Legal Requirement

Checking your tyres regularly is a legal requirement in many countries in addition to the UK. Driving with damaged or “bald tyres” also known as tyres with minimal or no tread left, can result in heavy fines (up to £10,000 - £2,500 per tyre) and penalties of up to 12 points for four tyres.

This month, between the 1st and the 31st of May here at Perrys we are offering a free tyre check to all our customers, to ensure your tyres are in great condition before those long commutes or weekend breaks. Our free tyre check includes:

  • Checking for tyre damage including bulges, cuts and tread
  • Checking wheel damage
  • Checking suspension damage, including coil springs and ball joints
  • Checking/Adjusting tyre pressure
  • Visual health check

Checking your car tyres regularly is essential to ensure your safety and that of other road users. By maintaining proper inflation, identifying signs of damage and wear, addressing alignment and suspension issues, and complying with legal requirements, you can help extend the lifespan of your tyres, prevent accidents and ensure a smooth, safe ride. Don't neglect this critical component of your vehicle; make it a regular part of your car maintenance routine.

If you'd like to book your free tyre check click here or for any other tyre requirement you may have, click here and our friendly team will be very happy to help.


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Written by Lucrezia | 3.30 min read
09 May 2023