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How Much is My Car Worth?

The value of your car is dependent on several factors. Whether you visit a dealership or have your car valued online,  they will all consider the same aspects. If you would like a quick estimate, then online would be a good option to start with. You can receive an estimated car value from us at Perrys by clicking here

What Factors Affect Your Car’s value?

Factors That Increase the Value:

Modifications – Any post-factory features that have been added to the car like a radio upgrade or alloy wheels. Things that make your car stand out. 

Full-Service History – A complete record of all services will be worth more than one that shows gaps in the vehicle’s history. It gives confidence to the buyer/dealer that your car has been looked after. 

No Damage – Any minor wear and tear won’t impact the car’s value  and, if the car is in excellent condition, this will keep the trade value high. 

Clean it – Everything looks better when it’s cleaned. Having your car valeted before you take it to be valued will make a huge difference. 

Have Your Car Serviced and MOT’d – Make sure the car has been recently serviced and MOT’d, this means that your car has been checked over and it won’t need anything doing in the near future 

Include Extras – Include anything that came with the car, like that parcel shelf you took out a few months ago and that you never put back. Having a spare wheel and key will also increase your car’s value. 

Factors That Decrease the Value: 

Significant Wear and Tear – Damage that is larger than a scuff or a stain will be classed as a significant damage, this will reduce the final value. 

Parts That Aren’t Working – Anything from a seat warmer to an electric window that has stopped working, will reduce the value. Make sure this is fixed before taking your car to be valued.

Lots of Previous Owners – With the car having fewer owners this makes the car worth more. 

Gaps in Service History and/or No MOT – Gaps in service history along with no MOT will not do you any favours. 

High Mileage – The lower the mileage the more desirable your car is.

Age of the Car – The newer the car the higher the value will be.

How much my car is worth

Where to Get Your Car Valued.

You can get a valuation through our quick and easy online vehicle value calculator

Are Car Values Going Up?

Car values have seen an all time high this year. An increase of 30% has occurred since the start of 2021. There has been a softening of car values, according to AutoTrader, however, they are not looking to reduce considerably anytime in the near future.

We hope our article has given you a better understanding regarding what increases and reduces the value of your car. However, should you have any further queries regarding vehicle valuation, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Perrys and we’ll be happy to help.



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Written by Lois | 4 min read
01 Sep 2022