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How Could Car Subscription Help with Vehicle Delays?

The UK is experiencing huge growth in the Car Subscription sector due to its high convenience. People are turning to this service because of global shortages causing vehicle delays and long delivery times. Could a Car Subscription be a lasting alternative then? 

Vehicle Delays

From COVID-19 to Brexit and the Ukraine War, the automotive sector has been hit with reduced workers and supply shortages. Not having supplies coming through on time has impacted delivery waiting times, forcing the just-in-time process to be put in place. These impacts have spotlighted car subscriptions; the convenience and ease of the service have attracted a growing amount of interest. 

What is a Car Subscription?

A car subscription is a new form of car rental where you pay monthly installments towards your car. It offers an all-inclusive package that includes: Insurance, maintenance, road tax, and breakdown cover. Rental periods range from one month to 24 months, and you can choose from a wide range of vehicles. 

Benefits of Car Subscription

All-inclusive – Taking care of your maintenance, insurance, road tax, and breakdown cover all in your monthly payment, so you don’t have to. 

Saves you from paying a large deposit – Unlike when buying a new or used car, where there is generally a large deposit you pay upfront. With a car subscription, your deposit will be similar to one monthly payment. 

Wide range of choice - When choosing a car on subscription, there is a huge variety of models available to suit your needs, whether a family car or hatchback.

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How could car subscription help with vehicle delays?

Car subscription is available for everyone, whichever your situation. A larger car for a holiday? A replacement car whilst yours is in the garage? Or even if you are waiting for your new car to be delivered? 

New vehicle delays are inevitable in the current climate, and you might wonder how you would get around while waiting on your brand-new purchase. But don’t feel trapped waiting for months because with Perrys Flex you can get a car within 7 days and be on the move. The flexibility of a car subscription means you can choose the day you collect your vehicle and the day you return it with a minimum of a month’s rental period. 

If you take out a car subscription on Perrys Flex to find that your new car is being delivered earlier than expected, you also have the freedom to return the car at any point during your rental period. If you return the car earlier than the date set on your agreement, you will need to pay the rental fee for the month you are in as well as a notice period of one month’s rental. This will never exceed the total cost of the original rental agreement.  

An example is if you had a 3-month rental and decided to bring it back after 3 weeks (near the end of month one), you would need to pay for the whole of month one and then month two’s payment would be your notice period. However, you wouldn’t pay for month three.


We hope our article has helped you understand how a car subscription can help when it comes to vehicle delays. However, should you want to learn more about Perrys Flex Car Subscription, click here



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Written by Lois | 4.3 min read
04 Jan 2023