Ask an EV Owner Q&A

Here at Perrys we wanted to do something different with this article: We interviewed someone in our HQ who already drives an EV, Helen Thomas, our Marketing Director.

Helen drives a BMW 330e, her first plug-in hybrid electric car which she bought following the raise in cost of fuel as well as the increase of Clear Air Zones throughout the UK. 

We sat down with Helen and asked her some burning questions which you’ve asked us on social media as well as in our dealerships, questions around car choice, chargers, length of journeys, and advice to new EV drivers.

1. Helen, how did you choose your car?

I owned a BMW 330d, I loved it and therefore whilst I looked at other makes and models the familiarity of the brand and model won me over. I did research online, including reading reviews and then went to a dealership for a test drive.  I took my dad as I wanted a second opinion especially as it was [an] electric [car] and I knew he’d ask the right questions.  

2. When it comes to charging, do you have an electric car charger installed at home?

Yes, I do.

3. Have you used any of the government incentives in terms of switching to electric (i.e. grants). If so, was the application process an easy one?

Yes, [I used the] home charge grant. [The Process wasn’t very] straight forward [though] as I needed to know what type of unit and what phase electricity came into the property [as well as sending] pictures of the fuse board and where the unit was to be positioned. 

4. Have you ever been on long journeys with your car? How does it cope when it comes to charging on the motorway?

It’s a hybrid [car] so I don’t currently have to worry about range anxiety and as the electric range is low, I’m yet to charge [it] on the motorway.

5. Do you reckon that your next car will also be an electric one? Or would you go back to petrol?

Yes, I’m seriously considering a switch to full electric the next time I change my car.  


6. Does this car meet your needs and requirements?

Yes, as the majority of my milage is local and on the few occasions when I go further, I know I’m on petrol.

7. What piece of advice would you give to someone considering the “electric switch”?

If full electric – carefully consider the range you need, what the models you are looking at do and then take some of the range off.  The weather conditions, heating and the radio will all reduce the range in everyday driving conditions.

Also, if you aren’t confident enough to go full electric and your daily commute is within a hybrid range – go for it!

We hope that our Q&A with Helen Thomas has given you a personal perspective on EVs, as well as answering some of the most popular questions that especially new EV drivers have. However, should you have any further questions remained unanswered, please contact your closest Perrys and we’ll be happy to help.

Written by Lucrezia | 2 min read
09 Jun 2022

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