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£750 Payment for New Motability Customers

As of February 2022, Motability put in place a £250 payment for new car and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) customers. From March 1st, 2023, they increased this to a payment of £750. What’s more, this can now be used towards your advanced payment. 

Motability increased the payment due to the current global shortage of new cars, causing prices to increase significantly and adding a ripple effect on the prices of used cars. As Motability doesn’t make shareholder profit, the additional money can be reinvested to help aid customers in terms of affordability.

£750 Payment for New Motability Customers

Who is Eligible for the Payment?

Not joined the scheme yet, or waiting on your first car or WAV? You can receive the New Vehicle Payment if you order or receive your vehicle before the end of 2023. 

Already have a car or WAV on the scheme? You will qualify for the payment when you obtain your next vehicle. Remember this payment can only be received once. Therefore, if you have already received a payment for your current lease, you won’t be eligible for another payment for your next lease.

If you own a scooter or powered wheelchair, you will be entitled to a New Product Payment of £100. 

How Does it Work, and How Will You Receive the Payment?

If you meet the requirements for the New Vehicle Payment, you can now choose to direct it straight to your dealer to help cover some or all of your advance payment. 

During the process of ordering your new vehicle or WAV, the dealer will ask you if you wish to choose this option. If you go ahead with this, Motability will handle the arrangements on your behalf, therefore freeing you of any additional tasks.

If you choose the option of receiving the payment directly and not through the dealer, you will receive it via bank transfer. Simply add your payment details to your Motability online account, and they will send the payment directly to you.

You can click here to find out more about the £750 payment, or for more information about putting it towards your advance payment, click here



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Written by Lois | 2.8 min read
20 Apr 2023