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Versatile, flexible and durable with a 3-year/ 100,000-mile warranty, Ford Transit Conversions offer a transport solution for every business, whether you need to make large deliveries or haul waste. Each Conversion is based on the award-winning Ford Transit, a reliable and steady underpinning. The 1-Way Tipper and 3-Way Tipper are work ready for the construction sector while the Dropside makes loading and unloading awkward loads easy. Luton and Box Vans are the vehicles of choice for the logistics sector with competitive payloads and the option of front or rear-wheel drive. No other fleet has this much potential, making it a shoo-in for any business.

1 way tipper

The 1-Way Tipper is a multi-purpose vehicle for safely transporting and delivering heavy loads. The tip controls are conveniently located next to the driver seat and there’s ‘tip-thru’ and top-hinged operation controls to the side. There’s also a sequenced hydraulic body hold down feature to make your working day easier.

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3 way tipper

The 3-Way Tipper is designed to work in tight spaces. The load bed tips three ways (rear, or side-to-side left or right) so the load can safely be discarded in tight spaces. A remote wander lead gives you control from the cab while a side-mounted remote lever gives you manual control for top-hinged operation.

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Premium dropside

The Dropside hauls heavy loads and makes removing them from the load bed simple. Three removable or ‘droppable’ aluminium panels drop down the side of the cab to allow a pallet truck to safely remove what’s being delivered. Available with front or rear-wheel drive with body lengths ranging from 2.9m to 5.3m.

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Box/Luton van

Designed to securely transport freight and larger loads, the Transit Luton / Box Van is a favourite for fleets in the logistics sector. Innovative restraints and safety features like a door-override button make this a top choice. Available in front or rear-wheel drive and with a manual or automatic transmission to suit the job at hand.

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