Would you buy the world's fastest campervan?

Have you ever found yourself longing for the thrill of living on the open road, only to find your choice of motorhome just a little lacking in the power department?

If so, you’re in luck as one man has now hot-rodded his campervan with an oversized turbocharged engine under the bonnet, and best of all it could now be yours after being listed on eBay!

The seller, known only as Steve, says that he spent the best part of a year converting his Fiat Doblo into a machine capable of reaching 150mph or more, making it the fastest motorhome on earth.

150mph campervan

“I have something special and it’s a Fiat Doblo high roof camper that's got it all: speed, handling and a kitchen with bed in the back,” he says. Fair enough!

To achieve this, Steve enlisted the help of Wrexham-based Creation Campers to cram a turbocharged engine from a Fiat Coupe into the engine bay, before tuning it for even more power.

As a result, the unlikely Fiat generates a mighty 337bhp, achieving a Guinness world record in the process while reaching 149.7mphspeed testing at Elvington airfield near York.

Fully fitted with kitchen, toilet and bedroom area

If you think that supercar-style performance comes at the cost of practicality, however, never fear as Steve also outfitted the Doblo with a range of genuine motorhome-style features.

As well as the massive engine, the car also comes with a kitchen with two hobs and a sink, a toilet and bed area, along with 120 fibre optic lights installed in the roof lining.

Because each fibre optic is cut by hand at a slightly different length, Steve says, each ‘star’ has its own intensity, making it look like a real night sky when viewed from below in the dark.

Official Guinness world record holder!

Unfortunately for Steve, the original auction ended after 19 bids and a top bid of just £2,850, meaning that the world’s fastest campervan failed to meet its reserve.

However, any motorhome fan with a penchant for high-octane action should be able to get their hands on it for a pretty reasonable £10,000 if they get in touch, he said.

So what do you think? Could you see yourself taking trips abroad in the world’s fastest campervan? Let us know what you think by joining the discussion on Facebook or Twitter!