What is the best warranty around?

Which parts of your car are more likely to fail due to wear and tear?

Unsurprisingly, it is a warranty company who has come up with a list. Warranty Direct has found nearly six per cent of repairs because of wear and tear are on suspension arms -at an average cost of £230.

Following the suspension arms, ball joints, steering racks and turbos complete the top five failing parts because of wear and tear. All of them will cost over £200 to repair, with a damaged turbo coming in at nearly £800.

Things such as fuel pumps, wheel bearings, flywheel and the automatic gearbox – at a cost of over £1,300 – also feature in the top ten parts most likely to fair.

It all points to the need for regular servicing of your car, whatever you drive. It also shows how important it is to receive a good manufacturer’s warranty when you buy a car.

But which warranties are the best, and what do they cover? Here are three of the best, with the small print explained.

Kia: The Korean manufacturer has made great strides in the UK market in recent years, and not just because of a new attractive style direction and increase in quality for its new cars.

Kia offers a stunning seven year warranty, with no mileage limit on the first three years and then a limit of 100,000 miles for years four to seven.

However, it does include a five-year paint warranty (or 100,000 miles), a three-year (or 60,000) warranty for the audio system and a two-year warranty period for the vehicle’s battery.

One plus of the Kia warranty is that it can be transferred with ownership if you are buying a slightly older model.

Vauxhall: In contrast, Vauxhall’s warranty is available only for the first owner – although the manufacturer says it will introduce transferred ownership.

However, Vauxhall’s warranty is for an unlimited time period. While it still has a mileage limit of 100,000 miles, it is perfect for those who use their car for short drives as a city runaround.

The warranty applies to powertrain, steering, brakes and electrical equipment with the caveat owners must have a free vehicle inspection once a year.

Peugeot: In an unusual move from the French manufacturer, it has introduced an innovative Just Add Fuel scheme.

In one monthly payment, Peugeot has grouped together insurance, servicing, breakdown cover, road tax and warranty.

Peugeot has added a calculator on its website to allow customers to work out if the Just Add Fuel scheme can save them money, and it is very honest if it isn’t the case, advising them to look elsewhere if necessary.

Just Add Fuel is essentially a contract hire scheme with option to buy the car at the end of three years. The benefit is fixed costs over three years, so motorists won’t be subject to increases in say, insurance.

However, there are financial penalties if the car is not bought at the end of the scheme and there is an annual mileage limit of just 6,000 – with additional charges if you go over.