Vauxhall warranty now a massive 100,000 miles

What do you really want to know when you’re choosing your next new car? That it’s safe? Comfortable? Spacious enough for your needs? Those are pretty much given these days but I reckon the one thing that everyone puts at the top of their list is - is it going to be reliable/how much will it cost to put right.

Well, in a bold move, Vauxhall has just announced that from this month every single new car it sells will be covered with a 100,000 mile warranty. This covers all the big (for which read `expensive’ !) items such as powertrain which is the engine, clutch, gearbox and driveshafts, steering system, the brakes and also the electrical system too.

OK you say, this is simply a ploy to make sure the owner is tied into having the car serviced at a main dealer but not so. In fact, all the owner has to do to enjoy this cover is to take the car once a year for a free, note the word `free’ check-up.

Better still, Vauxhall is about to announce details of how this extended warranty can be used by the car’s second owner when it is sold. Now that is really going to add value and appeal to a used Vauxhall which is good news for residual values.

All in all, this seems a very good deal which adds value and without having any nasty surprises in the small print.

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