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Top 5 Most Popular Used Hatchbacks

If you are looking for a used small car, whether to downsize or as a first car, a hatchback is a perfect choice. Here are the top 5 most popular used hatchbacks to help you decide on your next purchase. 

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Ford Fiesta

Britain’s favourite car, one that has been purchased repeatedly because of its practicality, trim level variety and reliability. The Fiesta in 2017 was available in 6 trim levels, ranging from the Style to the ST-Line plus the ST and Active Crossover. The Fiesta is highly praised for the way it drives, as it’s smooth, handles responsively, and is quiet (unless you go for the ST). 

The most highly recommended is the Fiesta 1 Litre EcoBoost, which is popular for its sharp steering, excellent grip and brilliant at tackling long motorway journeys or pottering around town. If you want a good all-around car, the Fiesta will perfectly fit in with your lifestyle. 

On average, they will do around 65.7mpg; plus, running costs, including servicing and insurance, are low. 

Used Ford Fiesta



The SEAT Leon is packed with practicality, is well-equipped and is a fun family hatchback. It provides a great driving experience with a roomy, comfortable interior and has sporty styling.  It holds a good range of kits as standard, including sat nav, Bluetooth, LED lights, and steering wheel-mounted controls.

The Leon averages around 57.6 mpg and maintenance and servicing are on par with Ford and Vauxhall. Overall, a brilliant performing, roomy and sporty family hatchback. 

Used SEAT Leon

Volkswagen Golf

A competitor to the SEAT Leon, the Volkswagen Golf holds a slightly more premium feel. It has impressive practicality and driving dynamics which make the car comfortable and stable to drive, also offering enough agility and steering sharpness. 

Every trim level offers a smart interior with a range of controls and plenty of legroom. The adjustable driving position allows for excellent visibility giving you a clear view of the motorway or country roads. 

In 2017 VW brought some styling tweaks and a range of more efficient engines. The Golf averages 60mpg, the most efficient version being the 2-litre diesel which offers 68mpg. Maintenance and servicing are reasonably priced however, it won’t be as little as the Focus or Astra – it still compares well to other rivals though. 

Used Volkswagen Golf


Vauxhall Astra

In 2015 Vauxhall released their upgraded seventh-generation Astra. A smaller version than the last but dramatically more spacious inside. 

The Astra is safe and secure to drive, giving you confidence behind the wheel. With a large infotainment system which includes Apple Car Play and Android Auto, it offers a generous amount of upgraded technology. With the newly optimised interior, the Astra offers plenty of leg and headroom for both driver and passengers. In addition, it has a 370-litre boot, enough space to fit all your family luggage. 

Vauxhall Astra

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is an excellent alternative to the Fiesta if you need that extra room. The Focus offers a sporty look, is budget-friendly and is well-equipped. It’s an excellent choice for a family hatchback and, despite the increased competition, is a firm favourite. 

There are various engine options, whether you need a car that takes you from A to B or want the ST performance for more excitement. The Focus features Bluetooth, USB ports, and alloy wheels, along with much more. A particular highlight of this model is the steering handling. It’s excellent value for money and is reliable, just as the Fiesta is. 

Used Ford Focus

We hope this blog has helped you to find the perfect hatchback. You can find more used hatchbacks on our website by clicking here

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Written by Lois | 4.6 min read
11 Jan 2023