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Top 10 Car Parts You Should Know About

Has it ever happened to you to break something in your car but not know the part’s name and thus, being unable to replace it? If it has, then we may be able to help you. It’s an essential responsibility for every driver to have a basic knowledge and understanding of their vehicle. This is why, here at Perrys we have put together a guide on the top 10 car parts you should be aware of, so that if something breaks, you’ll be able to replace it by purchasing the part through Perrys Car Parts , where you’ll find spare parts for over 200+ car brands. Simply input your registration number and you’ll be able to find a wide range of products suitable for your vehicle, from car parts to accessories, cleaning products and even car mats!

1. Battery

Your car’s battery is a critical component; without it your vehicle won’t turn on, as it provides the electricity needed to power and start your car’s engine. Batteries are rechargeable and connected to car accessories like radios and lights. It’s advisable to have your lights and radio off when your engine is off; otherwise, these will drain your battery if kept on for too long. A battery is usually located under a car’s bonnet, and it’s recommended to check it every six months to a year to see if terminals need cleaning.


2. Axles

An axle is a little bar that helps you move, brake, and turn your wheels. Axles are attached to your car’s wheels, supporting their weight, giving them power, and being a vital component in the steering system. An axle is usually made of metal, it’s difficult to break, but it can rust, so if it does, here at Perrys Car Parts, we’ll be able to help you out as by simply inserting your registration number, you’ll be able to find axle beams specific to your car model.


3. Brakes

Another key component you need to take good care of are the brakes, as your car won’t be able to stop without them. Most modern vehicle have a hydraulic brake system where the force applied to the brake pedal helps apply power to the brakes. If you can hear a squeaky noise when pressing your brake pedal, it’s probably time to replace your brake pads and discs. Padding may have started to wear off from the pads and/or the discs may be starting to fall apart due the great deal of heat they are exposed to. Always better to be safe than sorry!

4. Pistons

Functional when it comes to handling gasoline explosions in the combustion chamber (generated by fuel and air mixing together when entering the combustion chamber), pistons help give power to the tyres, making the car move. Cars have an average of four to six pistons in the shape of cylinders that move up and down. The faster your pistons move, the more revolutions your car will have. However, it’s important to remember that extreme speed may be detrimental to pistons, causing them to wear quicker as well as getting dirty. Depending on your car model, we have a selection of piston rings, seals, springs, assays, and head valves.

Engine pistons

5. Radiator

The radiator keeps your car engine from overheating, cooling it down. It’s located near the car’s engine and will need sufficient quantities of coolant to avoid an overheating situation. The coolant will travel through the vehicle attracting heat and bringing it away from the engine to the radiator, hot air will then travel through the radiator’s fins, cooling it down and dissipating it. If your car overheats, most likely it’s a radiator problem. We offer a wide range of engine cooling, radiator fans, hoses and sealing caps, depending on where the issue is.

Car radiator

6. Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are necessary to keep your wheels’ grip on the road when you’re driving on uneven surfaces like country roads, making your ride smoother and absorbing the vibrations caused whilst driving. They are located underneath your car and require checking when servicing your vehicle since it could be dangerous if they don’t absorb bumps correctly as your car may touch the ground, running the risk of being damaged.

Car Shock absorbers

7. Air Filters

There are two types of air filters in a car, one to clean the air that comes into the car, offering a constant circulation of clean air and another one cleaning/filtering the air in the car’s engine due to it needing air for combustion. It’s vital to replace broken filters and clean them if dirty otherwise debris and dirt can enter the car chamber (for the cabin air filters) or, even worse, block the airflow (for the engine air filters).

Engine Air Filters

8. Muffler

The muffler is part of your car’s exhaust system and helps to reduce the noise caused by the engine. It’s located between the engine and the tailpipe. You can easily replace it yourself as soon as you detect the issue.


9. Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter filters out harmful emissions, so that only carbon dioxide and water come out of your car, making it more environmentally friendly. Catalytic converters are built to last and oftentimes never need replacement. However, it’s also true that sometimes they can become obstructed or damaged (depending on the car’s age). If you think your catalytic converter has an issue and it has triggered a light on your dashboard, it’s always better to replace it, but always remember to fit it right away once you have the part, as driving without one is illegal in the UK.

Catalytic converter

10. Alternator

The alternator provides power to the car’s electrical system, charging the battery while the car is running, transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is why, as we were saying earlier, it would kill the battery to leave your radio or lights on when your car isn’t running. If you’re having issues with your car battery, check that it’s not the alternator, or even both.

Engine alternator

We hope our article has helped you understand the function of these most common car parts. If you need any of them replaced, don’t hesitate to visit our Perrys Car Part Store where by simply inputting your car registration number, you’ll be able to find dedicated parts specific to your vehicle, and, if you are unsure about the name of any part, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we are going to be more than happy to help.

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Written by Lucrezia | 4 min read
19 Apr 2022