Real-time licence checking is solution

Real-Time Licence Checking is Solution
Only 6.3 per cent of licence checks for companies by third-party providers are currently using the DVLA’s real-time licence checking solution.

Borrowed time

With the alternative - the traditional overnight service - ceasing from April 1, the majority are operating on borrowed time,” warns Richard Brown, managing director of LicenceCheck.

Growing concern

“This should be a growing concern to companies using licence checking agencies, as it means, come April, they may suffer in terms of service continuity or the results they get from a last-minute implementation.

“We made it a priority to switch to the new DVLA service when it was first launched and have been far and away the largest user. As such we have a thoroughly tried-and-tested solution that is reliable and actually delivers what it says on the tin. Companies using an alternative provider might be wise to seek assurances that existing service levels will remain unaffected following retirement of the overnight service.”

Richard added: ‘Licence checks can't be avoided and the new all-digital service is an incredibly easy way to do things. When labour costs are factored into the equation, it's typically no more expensive than using the “free” DVLA service and can improve efficiency in fleet management admin, because it actively manages the results, reporting and re-checking requirement."


LicenceCheck was the first to launch real-time licence checks in February last year and has since led the market, accounting for 48% of all real-time checks for the period April to December 2015. Among agencies providing licence checking using DVLA’s Real-Time services, it made up 53% of all checks.