Peugeot starts scrappage incentive

Peugeot Starts Scrappage Incentive

Peugeot is offering drivers the opportunity to swap their vehicle for a newer, greener one at a discount ranging between £1,750 and £7,000. Our motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, reports on this latest manufacturer scrappage initiative.


All petrol and diesel-powered passenger cars and vans registered before 31 December 2010 are eligible for the scrappage discount, which can be redeemed against any Peugeot model.


The scheme means motorists will be able to upgrade to vehicles with the latest safety features and preventative technology. All vehicles traded in under the scheme will be scrapped to help remove less safe, higher polluting vehicles from the roads.

Summary of Peugeot Scrappage Scheme allowances (Euro 6 petrol and diesel models);

Passenger Cars

Peugeot Model Purchased

Scrappage Allowance(Incl. VAT)





2008 SUV


New 308 petrol


New 308 diesel


All-New 3008 SUV petrol


All- New 3008 SUV diesel




Partner Tepee


Commercial Vehicles

Peugeot Model Purchased

Scrappage Allowance(Excl. VAT)

Bipper Panel Van

£3,000 +VAT

Partner Panel Van

£5,000 +VAT

Expert Panel Van

£5,500 +VAT

Boxer 330

£6,000 +VAT

Boxer 333 / 335 /435 /440

£7,000 +VAT

The Peugeot scrappage scheme is available at Perrys now.


David Peel, Managing Director at Peugeot UK said: “We are confident that this enticing offer will help put safer, greener cars on the road. Motorists are now in a better position to buy a car that is not only a pleasure to drive and be in, but also protects occupants while on the move.”

Top of the Class

Peel concluded: “Environmentally, Peugeot cars are at the top of the class with PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines that use technology to reduce the impact of driving on the planet, while offering strong levels of performance and running costs. On this basis, it’s a great time to upgrade.”