Peugeot Expert Tepee review

For drivers with large families, it can often be a bit of a chore finding a car that has enough room to fit everyone in, but that’s also decent on the road.

Essentially the passenger version of the Expert van, Peugeot’s Expert Tepee was first introduced in 2007 and has remained pretty much the same ever since. Classic case of ‘if it ain’t broke’, right?

Driving around in a glorified van mightn’t seem like everybody’s cup of tea at first glance, but could the Expert Tepee surprise you? Let’s find out!


If you’re a fan of the slick, compact and low styling of sports car, you’ll no doubt find yourself a little disappointed by the Tepee. Big, brash and boxy, it’s not exactly the kind of car that’ll make you stand out in a crowd or turn heads.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a car like that then you’re never going to be interested in the Tepee to begin with. Compared with many of its MPV rivals, the Expert Tepee is actually pretty sharp looking, with a front end that wouldn’t look out of place on the rest of Peugeot’s car range.

It also comes with quite a wide variety of options, including heated door mirrors and a choice of alloy wheels in various sizes, while its sliding rear doors provide easy access to the rear seats for loading kids and luggage alike.


Designed with practicality in mind, the Expert Tepee comes with six seats as standard, with an optional third row of seating to boost this up to an incredible nine seats in total.

Available in two body styles, the standard L1 version is long, while the bigger L2 is seriously huge, clocking in at nearly 17 feet long in total. With the third row seats in place, the L1 version has 283 litres of luggage space left over, while the L2 has 553.

Thanks to its flexible seating arrangements, however, both models can have all of the seats except for the front two taken out, opening up a colossal load space in the back that underpins the Expert Tepee’s origins as a van.

Two trim levels, Comfort and Leisure, are available, with the latter coming with slightly more creature comforts than the former, which includes an upgraded audio system with more speakers. Both models come with air conditioning and steel wheels as standard, though alloys can be added for a little extra.

On the road

For such a large vehicle, the Expert Tepee is actually surprisingly perky on the road, and offers a friendly driving experience that could be handled even by novice drivers without difficulty.

The ride is comfortable, while it feels secure in the corners regardless of its size, though at nearly two metres tall it could possibly pose some problems in height-restricted areas like under low bridges.

Specified with a 161bhp engine, the L1 version of the van can accelerate from 0-62mph in a decent 12 seconds, while the larger and heavier L2 is only slightly slower. Neither version can reach three-figure speeds, petering out at around 96mph, but this isn’t the sort of car that was ever designed to be pushed hard.

Running costs are also reasonable for a large vehicle of its type, with the 97bhp diesel engine the most economical of the lot, with fuel economy of 44.1mpg and CO2 emissions from 169g/km.


Large MPV cars like the Expert Tepee are never really the sort of car that a buyer would ideally go for, rather they’re vehicles that fulfil a need. As a result, if this isn’t the type of car you need, then the Expert Tepee isn’t really worth thinking about.

If, however, you are in the need for a large people-carrier, the Peugeot Expert Tepee performs superbly, offering more attractive looks that the majority of its competitors, along with a surprisingly comfortable and easy drive and an incredibly practical rear load space.

Add that to decent running costs and a list price that roughly matches that of your average family hatchback, and the Expert Tepee can be a real contender for those in the market for this sort of vehicle.

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