Perrys at top Vauxhall conference

Perrys at Top Vauxhall Conference
A 24-strong delegation of Vauxhall retailers, including Perrys, joined 100 of the most successful dealers across Opel Europe at a congress held at its headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany recently.

The congress was held under the motto “Results count. Creating a successful future together“. Opel Group CEO Dr Karl-Thomas Neumann, Vice President Sales and Aftersales Peter Küspert, CMO Tina Müller and Vice President Design Europe Mark Adams gave the European sales partners a detailed insight into the company’s corporate strategy in their presentations.

“Together with our top partners, we can achieve all of our goals. This congress was like a training camp with talented players preparing for the upcoming season. The sense of unity and ambition was literally tangible in the room,” said Peter Christian Küspert after witnessing the level of motivation on display.

No limits
Team spirit and assertiveness were also the topics during the joint dinner in the simulation hall of the Lufthansa training centre at Frankfurt Airport. At the following get-together, extreme athlete, musician and manager Joey Kelly took to the stage and talked about the topic “No limits – how I can achieve my goal”. Afterwards, dealers tested their own limits in an Airbus A380 flight simulator.

“All 24 Vauxhall retailers were happy to support this European congress and benefitted from the presentations from Opel Group senior leadership and the team-building sessions,” said Rory Harvey, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director.