Half-term holidays could spell road hell today

Half-Term Holidays Could Spell Road Hell Today

Today, October 24, is the day when most families will be leaving for their half-term holidays, according to a survey of 1000 parents.


Birmingham, Nottingham and Southampton are expected to bear the brunt of the half term traffic, with the majority of residents planning to leave this afternoon.

Cotswolds Or Beach?

Predictably, Central England and the South West will be the busiest regions today, with people flocking to spend their time off school in the Cotswolds or at the beach.

Desperate Dads

The most popular individual holiday travel time is between 12pm – 12:15pm. However, despite this, the majority of those surveyed (61.6%) would still prefer to get a head start and leave between midnight and 11:59am. It’s dads that want to get ahead of the traffic, with 65.8% planning to set off before lunchtime, perhaps suggesting that they’re the least willing to sit in traffic with a car full of children!

Miles And Miles

On average, most holidaymakers expect to drive around 100 miles during their holiday (9.7%), with those in Nottingham and Birmingham expecting to drive 120 miles. Nearly 1 in 10 (9.4%) of those in Southampton expect to drive up to 150 miles!

Clear Figures

Martin Gray, of Euro Car Parts, the body behind the survey, commented: “It’s clear to see from these figures that there are definitely particular times when you should hold off on travelling if you wish to avoid the traffic.”