Ensure the smell is good when you sell your car

Ensure the Smell is Good When you Sell your Car
If you’re planning to sell your car, make sure it smells of roses because, according to a new poll, almost a quarter of buyers (24 per cent) have been put off buying a second-hand car due to the smell of wet dog fur, children’s sick or stale cigarettes.


The AA/Populus poll canvassed 18,741 AA members on whether they have ever been deterred from buying a used car and why. The poll showed that almost four in ten (38 per cent) respondents have not followed through with a purchase because the service history either had gaps in it or revealed a lot of past repair work. The poll also found that 24 per cent of men and 18 per cent of women have walked away from a purchase because of an incomplete service history.


It seems, even when we’re buying second-hand, we still expect the vehicle to be in tip-top condition, with a further 38 per cent being turned off because the bodywork was in poor condition. Almost a third (31 per cent) withdrew from a purchase because of a less than perfect interior.


Test driving a car is an important part of the buying decision for many people, and more than a third (37 per cent) have not proceeded with buying the car because it didn’t feel right on the test drive. One in nine (13 per cent) pulled out of a purchase because the seller wouldn’t let them take the car out for a test drive.


Comparing age groups, the poll reveals that over 65s are most likely to buy a used car that isn’t in mint condition, while 18-24 year olds are least likely to buy if the bodywork and interior of the car are in poor condition.


Paul Yates, of the AA, comments: “Buying a used car shouldn’t mean buying a bad car but there are simple checks you can do, whether you’re buying through a dealer or privately.

“Ask to see the service history, and if it’s incomplete or shows lots of repair work, that could be a warning sign. A history check will also rule out insurance write-offs and stolen cars.

“If you’re unsure if a car is in good mechanical condition or not, it’s worth having an independent inspection carried out through a reputable company, or buy through a dealer who has independently inspected cars."