Crossover or MPV: Which suits you better?

However if you’re searching for a family car which is not too large but remains suited for purpose, you may find it difficult determining which of these mentioned vehicle classes suits you the better.

In the end whether a car from the crossover or MPV segment is better for you really depends on what other factors you prioritise.

Advantages of the crossover

For instance, if styling is important to you then you’ll be better off going for a crossover model.

Crossovers are often styled in the form of SUVs. That means there’s plenty of robust cosmetic features slapped across their exteriors including roof racks, under body protection and a raised ride height.

They sport a strong, muscular stance and feature flared wheel-arches and oversized grilles and chunky pillars to emphasis their presence. There are some distinct and interesting looking models like the Kia Sportage and the upcoming Renault Captur that accomplish this look.

Other cars like the Ford C-Max and the Citroen C4 Picasso meanwhile lean towards a less muscular-look, and focus more on a distinctly boxy shape associated with MPVs.

Cars like the Peugeot 3008 on the other hand lean towards features found on both MPVs and crossovers in terms of body style.

Its shape is very similar to that of MPVs but there’s a lot of under body protection and the wheel arches are muscular like most crossovers – it’s also called a crossover by Peugeot because it treads a fine line between an MPV and a hatchback, rather than a hatchback and SUV.

One other advantage some crossover vehicles have over MPVs is that they usually offer a more enjoyable drive, because they are typically lighter in comparison and more compact. Often crossovers also are at least available with a four-wheel drive powertrain amongst their range, thus providing extra grip around corners.

Crossovers generally provide more powerful engines than MPVs, fitting in with their sporty image.

Advantages of the MPV

However if practicality is the most important thing of all for you, then you will benefit more from owning an MPV. Rather than place emphasis on style, cars classed under the MPV segment focus more on large, practical and flexible cabins.

MPVs can easily seat five passengers (at least) in comfort thanks not only to the size of the cabin, but also due to the flexible seating arrangements which can be tailored to suit each driver depending on how many are onboard, as well as the amount of luggage.

A good example of this practical advantage can be found with the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer, with its famous ‘Flex7′ seating system. With this feature the middle seating row can be slid up to the front seats, which provides enough room to fold the back seats out from the floor.

While the majority of MPVs are larger and heavier vehicles then crossovers, some can still be enjoyable to drive.

The previously mentioned Ford C-Max for example shares the same wheelbase as the Ford Focus, which has helped turn it into of the best handling family cars in this category today. The more compact Ford B-Max shares the same wheelbase used by the Ford Fiesta supermini, the UK’s current best selling new car. There’s no doubt that a MPV can provide an impressive level of both grip and cornering ability.

Shared advantages

Certain advantages are shared between crossovers and MPVs as well. Not only are they priced similarly and at a reasonable rate, but the majority are robust and offer a decent engine selection.

In each crossover or MPV line-up you’re likely to find at least one diesel engine with a high fuel economy and a CO2 emissions output sitting below 140g/km.

Both crossovers and MPVs can certainly do the job when it comes to finding a vehicle for moving five passengers. Therefore there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking from the two segments. Ultimately the best choice for you comes down to personal taste, whether you seek an edge in styling or an edge in size and practicality.

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