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Car Paint Types: Everything You Need to Know

Do you love your car but wish it stood out a little more? With a unique car paint job, you will surely achieve this. Most people often choose the basic car paint that comes with their vehicle, but choosing a unique colour or finish can make your car stand out even more as it’s like having your work of art on wheels.

Types of Car Paints:

Solid Car Paint:

Solid paint is something that is offered as a standard for the majority of vehicles. This type of paint is generally the most affordable car paint option. There are several solid colours you can choose from, however, when purchasing a new vehicle the most common solid paint is usually white, black, grey or red.

Some pros of choosing solid paint are that there are various colour options you can choose from, the price of this paint is very affordable and the cost of maintenance is as well, i.e. If any scratches occur, the filling won’t usually be costly. However, a few of its drawbacks include poor durability and being prone to scratches as the paint layer is thinner than other paint types.

Metallic Car Paint:

If you want to give your car a glossy finish, metallic paint may be the way to go. However, it will cost you more than a solid paint job, depending on the shade and shine you are looking for. Metallic paint is made by mixing aluminium powder into a solid colour.

Creating metallic paint requires more time and effort, which is why it is more expensive. Additionally, metallic paint is more delicate than solid paint, so avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes when washing your car. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth to avoid damaging the finish. Metallic paint also shows dirt more quickly than solid paint, so you will need to wash your car more often.

Pearlescent Car Paint:

Pearlescent paints, also known as mica or pearl paints, consist of mica crystals that give your car a pearl-like effect. Having this type of paint on your vehicle will completely change its look, making it glow and shine and making your car look amazing. The shade of the paint also changes depending on the type of lighting and angle that which it is viewed.

In comparison to metallic paint, the shine of pearlescent paint is more subtle, leaving a classy finish.

Car paint types

Matte Car Paint:

Matte has become the new trend. Everyone is switching to a more flattened look than a glossy finish for their picture printing, nail polish shades and lipsticks. This trend is now slowly moving to cars as well. Unlike other paint types, this one does not have any light reflections, it’s generally pricier and requires more maintenance and effort than any other paint type. If not maintained well, the paint can be easily damaged, and the repair costs tend to be high.

Will insurance be affected by the type of car paint I choose?

The answer to this question depends on the type of insurance you are taking out. However, it’s generally true that if you have expensive car paint, the value of your car will also increase. This will automatically increase your insurance premium. On the bright side, there are many benefits to having a nice paint job on your vehicle such as getting a better resale value, giving your car an improved appearance etc. We hope our article helps you in picking the right car paint for your next vehicle. However, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Written by Vineetha | 2 min read
14 Jul 2023